Study Snapshot: New DMO Media Metrics – What Should I Be Measuring? Part 2

Originally posted in DMAI website:

As a follow up to the previous post on social media metrics, here are a few more social metrics to measure, uncovered as DMAI’s Standard CVB Performance Reporting is updated with online marketing and social media guidelines.

Previously the focus was mainly on DMO measurements for the big social media players such as Facebook and Twitter.  But in this part of metrics mini-series let’s turn the spotlight on to the online marketing stats surveyed DMOs are keeping track of.

Respondents revealed…

  • A majority have gone mobile (or at least mobile friendly), but only 18% are currently utilizing text message marketing.
  • 85% engage in email marketing, with respondents indicating total emails opened (89%), total emails delivered (87%) and email open percent (82%) as the three most important metrics to track.
  • 74% are currently running banner ad campaigns, but only 24% track their conversion rate.
  • Those engaging in search engine/pay-per-click advertising strongly indicate total clicks and click-through rates as the top two stats to monitor.


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