Study Snapshot: DMAI: New DMO Social Media Metrics – What Should I Be Measuring?

Originally posted in DMAI

Social media has changed the way that DMOs do business. That’s obvious.  What can be a little less straight forward is knowing what metrics you should be measuring and which you should let go.

DMAI recently surveyed members to facilitate updating the industry’s Standard CVB Performance Reporting guidelines to include metrics for online marketing and social media. The updated performance reporting handbook will be available in March (once the DMAI Board has reviewed and approved it).

However, in the meantime, we want to share aggregated stats from the 100 DMOs (worldwide!) who responded to our survey. What activities are DMOs engaging in, and what metrics are they tracking?

Here’s a few of the findings:

  • 96% of respondents have a Facebook Fan Page. Of these, 94% measure ‘likes’, 65% measure active users, and 65% measure page interactions.
  • 89% are on Twitter. 95% of tweeting destinations measure followers, and 60% measure retweets.
  • 3% have a presence on Myspace, an unsurprising find due to the platform’s diminishing user base.
  • Of the 73% of YouTube using DMOs 86% track total views, but only 43% monitor their subscribers.
  • Just over half of DMO respondents blog and noting total blog visits as the single most important metric.

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