Study Snapshot: Benchmark Hospitality International’s Top Ten Meeting Trends for 2010

Benchmark Hospitality International, the leading privately held hospitality management company in the United States, which operates 30 award-winning hotels, resorts, and conference centers nationwide, announces its annual “Top Ten Meeting Trends” as observed by its properties in 2010. According to B H I focusing on saving seems to have become a major priority of companies and cancellations of conferences, which cost a huge amount, have become a rarity. It used to appear that companies did not make a fuss about cancelling at the last minute. Indeed, if there are more profitable and less time-consuming things to devote yourself to then why not? However, the attitude has changed and companies now stick to their plans. Linked to this trend is the fact that companies now have a shorter booking time for conferences, as 30/45 days are now typical booking times. Meeting groups are smaller than they used to be and the participants now tend to stay in the hotel for shorter time. Again, this is linked to saving money. Companies have understood that there is no point in paying for another night in a hotel just to avoid a little evening tiredness. Similarly, getting back to the office is of prime importance and time is money. The number of participants in hotel conferences in Europe has dropped by around 50% in the last 15 years. Companies have been thus saving significant amounts.

Top Ten Trends

Trend #1
Cautiously Optimistic for 2010, with Strong Pacing for 2011!

Trend #2
Booking in the Month, for the Month in 2010 … but at least meetings aren’t cancelling!

Trend #3
Extreme Price Sensitivity, with Hotels once again competing for Meetings Business with Aggressive Package Pricing.

Trend #4
Meeting Groups are Smaller in 2010 and Carving a Day off their Stay.

Trend #5
Being Green is now generally assumed, but for certain segments, such as Federal & State Government and Education business, it’s a requirement.

Trend #6
No Frills Meetings are ROI driven and have pushed Teambuilding, the Spa and the Golf Course onto the back burner.

Trend #7
Maximum Internet Bandwidth is the expectation for Planners this year. All other technology demands are eclipsed by this.

Trend #8
Today’s planner is a fierce price negotiator, and feels empowered to expect concessions.

Trend #9
Health-conscious Food & Beverage Options Scrutinized. Buffets for All

Trend #10
Social Media and the Meetings Industry … LinkedIn, Trip Advisor, and Facebook Friends.

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