Statistical Survey Report on Internet Development in China.

A new report  recently released by the China Internet Network Information Center reveals that online travel booking in 2009 increased 77.9 percent, a growth rate that exceeds online shopping (45.9 percent), online banking (62.3 percent) and e-mail (29 percent). Please find below the report’s major highlights:

  • By December 30, 2009, the number of Chinese Internet users and the penetration rate of the Internet have reached 384 millions and 28.9% respectively.
  • The number of Internet users has increased by 86 millions compared with end of 2008 and the annual growth rate is 28.9%.Internet user growth rate in China has slowed down.
  • The number of broadband users has reached 346 millions, grown 76 millions in compared to 2008. In spite of the high penetration rate of broadband, China‘s broadband access speed is far behind the developed countries on the Internet.
  • The number of Chinese mobile Internet users has grown 120 millions, reached 233 millions, accounting for 60.8% of all Internet users. Mobile Internet users become new growing point of Internet users.
  • The number of rural Internet users has reached 10681 millions, accounting for 27.8% of all internet users. The growth rate is 26.3%.
  • In 2009, the number of IPv4 address has reached 232 millions, grown 28.2% in compared to 2008.
  • In the past two years, the number of per Internet user IPv4 address has continuously declined. Meanwhile, Global IP address is facing depletion. To promote the transition of IPv6-based next-generation Internet has become the current top priority.
  • By end of 2009, the total number of domain name is 16.82, 80% of those are .cn domain name. The number of domain names remained stable.
  • The rate for accessing Internet at home continued to grow. In 2009, 83.2% of Internet users access Internet at home. The rate for accessing Internet at home and at work growed rapidly. In 2009, 83.2% Internet users access Internet at home, 30.2% Internet users access Internet at work. The value of Internet as a utility for life and work has been further enhanced.
  • The rate for accessing Internet with mobile phones and laptops increased rapidly, the growth rate for using mobile phone is 98.3% and for notebook is 42.4%; however, the growth rate for desktop is only 5.8%. It is a disticnctive trend that internet access is being conveniently portable in the pocket.
  • The online time per week of Internet users continues to increase, 2.1 hours increase per capita. The rate for use Internet in their spare time is higher. 68.1% for the working population access Internet only in their spare time.
  • In 2009, the first top three Internet applications were Online music (83.5%), Online news (80.1%),and search engine (73.3%). China
  • The user scale of business transaction application sustained the fastest growth, the average annual growth rate is 68%. Among them, online payment users have increased 80.9% annually, ranked first in all applications. Travel reservation, Internet stocks, online banking and online shopping users has increased by 77.9%, 67.0%, 62.3% and 45.9%, respectively. The impact of China’s Internet shows the trend of the transformation from entertainment to consumer business.

Click here for the full report


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