Travel Insurance Firm Campaign: The Travel Agent Is Dead!

If you’re reading this, then you are likely a travel agent and most certainly alive, right? Then read on with caution as iTrek travel insurance, an Australian firm, is starting an ‘exciting’ new film competition certain to outrage American travel agents. The topic is “The Travel Agent Is Dead” and 10 finalists will be invited to attend the showing of all films in Sydney.

“We believe that the travel agents days are well and truly numbered,” iTrek says. “A large percentage of their margins are made by ‘bolting on’ travel insurance products to customer’s flight bookings. Some travel agents have been known to make margins of up to 50 percent on Travel Insurance policies. The time has come for the public to see that there is an alternative. By going online and taking your travel agent out of the equation completely. This ‘alternative’ could save you up to 50 percent on the costs.

The company’s promotion can be seen online at

“More and more people are going online to purchase their flights, hotel accommodation and now, their travel insurance too,” iTrek says. “The travel agent is dead.”

One thought on “Travel Insurance Firm Campaign: The Travel Agent Is Dead!

  1. Visit to read about how Travel Guard convinced iTrek to cancel its Travel Agent is Dead campaign. was the first U.S. publication to break this story. Keep up with the latest travel agency industry news at

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