Living on the future edge

UntitledIn a world where change is the constant, you can’t trust your eyes because what you see will be replaced tomorrow.  You think your eyes are showing you reality when in fact, they are showing you history. The only way to see the reality of a world on the move is to look for global trends.
This presentation begins with an overview of Moore’s Law and its relation to the next trend, Photonics.
We then take a closer look at the phenomenon of the Internet, and how the dynamics of its continuing
evolution have given rise to what can only be called Infowhelm. Finally, we take a look at the
fascinating fields of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, and what the astonishing advances in these
worlds of science may hold for the future of mankind. By carefully examining the significance of these vital global exponential trends, this presentation profoundly challenges your fundamental assumptions about the world we live in and the future that awaits us. (by infosavvy group)

Download the full presentation at

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