Destination BrandWatch: Visit Britain, Greece & Queensland/Australia unveil new tourism campaigns

  • VisitBritain partners BA for tourism campaign

British Airways and VisitBritain have partnered up to jointly fund a global tourism campaign that is launching this week. Under the banner, “Britain. A different picture around every corner”, they are targeting traditional tourists looking for classic experiences. Among the countries being targeted are China, Japan, India, Russia, Hungary, Austria and Poland.

This £1.6 million campaign is designed to support research that the UK is packed with more world-class history and heritage sites compared to any other place on Earth. It will show how traveling to Britain is easy when booking with British Airways, with special fares for economy passengers included. Media familiarization trips and the syndication of content from the VisitBritain website onto the consumer databases and website of British Airways will be included.

VisitBritain is hoping to use the emotional allure and authenticity of Britain’s attractions. Marketing director Laurence Bresh says that the UK has more attractions per square mile than any other place in the world. They are delighted to announce that British Airways is the lead partner in their largest campaign in the past year, he continued, which is strong evidence that they are making progress in winning match-funding from the private sector to help increase tourist numbers and revenue for the nation. They believe this campaign will inspire visitors to travel the country, he added.

Advertising will be focused in large potentially-lucrative markets such as China, India and Russia, as well as a mixture of European and Asian countries including Austria, Hungary, Japan and Poland.


  • New web-based Greek tourism campaign unveiled

The Internet will spearhead the campaign launched by the ministry of culture and tourism focusing new campaigns for Greece.

Minister Pavlos Geroulanos referred to the new tourism campaign strategy on Tuesday during the presentation of 13 new videos available on the youinGreece internet site and pointed out that the Greek Tourism Organization is being transformed into an agency that will undertake to promote Greece abroad.

Presenting the new portal, Geroulanos announced that the new internet programme is an improved version of the youinGreece and the “Alliance for Greece” campaign.

Visitors will be able to upload their favorite photos and videos and will be given the opportunity to promote the “Greece they love”, the country’s natural beauty and all the distinct characteristics that make it a special place in the world. The visual material will be accompanied by a small 25-word text where users will describe their own experience.

In a later stage, the archive of will be used as a basis for a total of 90 personal experiences that will be available on, ten for each of the nine tourism sectors namely, nautical, meetings, seaside, Athens and Thessaloniki, culture, luxury, nature, touring and wellness.

  • Tourism Queensland’s new brand, “Queensland, Where Australia Shines”

A new global brand creative aimed at attracting more Americans to visit Queensland was launched today. The new $4 million global tourism brand—Queensland, Where Australia Shines—was unveiled on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The push will replace the state’s existing “Where Else But Queensland?” campaign, which is nearly 12 years old. The slogan was accompanied by a 60-second video, packed with pictures of happy families at the beach and bronzed bodies hitting the surf. The experts applauded the line “Where Australia shines”, saying the campaign was a cut above other tourism slogans. By explicitly mentioning Australia, Ms Taylor said, the campaign could piggy-back on the federal government’s “There’s Nothing Like Australia” ads.”It’s positioned to take deliberate advantage of all the money that’s being spent globally,” she said. Tourism supports nearly 250,000 jobs in Queensland, which is five times the number employed in the mining industry, Ms Bligh said.