Destination Marketing: Social Media Campaigns that Work

Slovenia, through the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) has a well developed digital presence promoting the country as a tourism destination. In order to raise awareness of Slovenia as a high class and attractive winter destination, STB launched an innovative winter campaign with the support of abouTourism and Mindworks , and we are excited with the results!


The innovative campaign focused on alternative social media channels through which to reach a high number of users and create virality, promoting the country as a winter destination.

The goal was to promote the USPs (Unique Selling Points) of the destination, and provide useful information regarding the ski and wellness facilities, the various events before, during and after Christmas period and overall inform everyone interested to come and experience “a unique winter “fairy-tale” right in the heart of Europe”.

Check out the campaign’s video:

Launched in December just in time for Christmas, and focusing on winter holidays as a key topic, Twitter conversations around this theme were identified and monitored through particular relevant hashtags, participating in every relevant conversation in order to provide answers on the spot to exactly those people interested in our topic- Winter Holidays.


Twitter was used to develop instant, direct, one-to-one communication to a highly targeted audience and Instagram to promote a realistic and attractive view of the “real” Slovenia, as this is where STB, locals and visitors were asked to upload their photos from Slovenia.

The key success factor of the #winterslovenia campaign was the fact that relevant content was distributed the moment a user asked for it!

The #winterslovenia campaign, which run for 20 days, has generated impressive results, with 1.5 million impressions, reaching more than 400.000 twitter users and generating 1.500 tweets.

A simple and to the point campaign with easily spreadable content, creating word of mouth, while involving multiple user segments, including locals, professionals, potential travelers and social media influencers.


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New Tourism Campaigns & Social Media for Every Season

“Love Every Second of Sydney” User Generated Content Winter Campaign

Aiming to build its winter numbers and reach 2020 overnight visitor targets, Destination NSW has just launched a new campaign telling Aussies and Kiwis they’ll ‘Love every second of Sydney’.

The campaign was designed to emit a romantic factor behind Sydney while showcasing the wide range of events running throughout the city during the colder season.

Utilising ‘first time’ initiatives, the campaign includes digital and social media promotion including a first ever eight page fold out in the New Zealand Herald as well as tram wraps in Melbourne, bus sign in Auckland and light projections in Brisbane and Auckland.

Destination NSW Chief Executive Officer, Sandra Chipchase, said the campaign theme captures what research has shown people want in short breaks and weekends away: exciting, vibrant experiences packed into every second. She said the Group was also making an increased effort in combining its events with tourism promoting relevant shows.

This campaign will be the first time consumer generated content will be uploaded onto some of the key outdoor sites in Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland. Social media will play a key role in the campaign with travellers urged to “Capture the Perfect Sydney Second” and share their favourite Sydney memories online, where their photos are displayed in a second by second timeline as well as play a type of ‘pass the parcel’ game on Facebook that will see fans win prizes every now and then.


Visit Florida New Summer Social Media Campaign

Visit Florida which recently announced an increased number of visitors and visitor spending for the first quarter of this year, launched its newest social media-based campaign to increase destination awareness as a summer vacation destination.

The campaign features “Florida’s Three for Free Giveaway” sweepstakes, where participants from the U.S can enter to win a grand prize of three personally selected Florida vacation packages. The five-week campaign, which is expected to garner more than 425 million impressions, kicks off with targeted Facebook and Twitter ad buys. Visit Florida worked closely with the two social media giants to develop a highly-defined target audience that includes families and couples throughout the North and Southeast who are interested in summer drive travel. As a way to continue the campaign’s momentum, house ads on and a dedicated email blast to e-newsletter subscribers will begin in early June.

In the summer of 2011, Visit Florida conducted a highly-successful Facebook-driven campaign that became the subject of white papers from Facebook and Wildfire – the Facebook marketing software provider that produced the applications used in the sweepstakes. A Nielsen study on the “Sunshine Moments” campaign showed a 10-point increase in intent to visit Florida and a significantly improved opinion among the state’s key demographic of 25-34 year olds.