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The abouTourism TV is an on-line video collection aimed at destination marketing professionals and people with interest in tourism. There are videos about tourism campaigns, latest news and documentaries, as well as video interviews about the latest trends on the field. Take some time and watch 140+ videos make your comments and feel free to send us more video suggestions.

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A Trip in Time: 10 Best ”Retro” TV Tourist Commercials

It’s almost the end of another working week (at least for some of us) which means it’s time for some Friday fun. Enjoy!

10. English Tourism Board Promo (1981)

9. California Tourism Ad (1989)

8. US Virgin Islands (1984)

7. Jamaica Vacation Commercial (1986)

6. Buffalo – We’re looking Good (1980s)

5. Toronto – Discover the Feeling (1988)

4. British Columbia Travel Ad (1989)

3. I Love NY – Stars (1980s)

2. Australia – Paul Hogan Tourism Ads (1984)

1. Florida – You’ve got it bad (1970s)