In Partnerships We Trust- Collaborative Destination Marketing

September, can also be considered as the month of fresh beginnings, and during the last few days we have seen the launch of quite a few exciting destination marketing initiatives. This week we have chosen to focus on the most recent collaboration and tourism partnerships at a destination level, this time especially focusing on examples of tight market segmentation profiling such as in the cases of France and Holland.

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Europe’s New Campaign

Highlighting the diversity Europe offers to tourists, the European Union has just launched a new campaign promising a lifetime experience of the continent’s rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty to visitors  from India, Brazil, Russia, China, Chile and Argentina.

The Europe – whenever you’re ready campaign, which runs from this September to December 2013, is designed to remind tourists from these target markets to discover the old continent.

Thematic packages and itineraries, covering all four corners of the EU, are showcased, including pan-EU and regional tours on religious, cultural heritage and gastronomic themes—like wine and olive oil routes—and tailored packages incorporating historic and natural UNESCO sites according to Antonio Tajani, European Commission Vice-President, responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship.

The campaign, which is financed by the European Commission, would be organised in partnership with the European Travel Commission (ETC) — the umbrella organisation for national tourism boards in Europe.

It also aims to add value to promotional activities of member states and the European tourism industry.

Well known travel writers, journalists and bloggers would be part of the campaign which would showcase the wide variety of unique opportunities that Europe offers to international tourists., Europe.whenever.youre.ready,

France Asks “What’s Your Vineyard Style?”

Atout France–the France Tourism Development Agency is putting French vineyards in the spotlight through a huge online campaign in partnership with its Wine Tourism Promotion Club, which encompasses 17 wine regions. Other campaign partners include the French Ministry of Agriculture and VBT, a tour operator offering walking and biking tours.

For this campaign, Atout France is highlighting seven of France’s major wine regions: Champagne, Burgundy, Aquitaine, Rhone Valley, Alsace, Macon and Midi-Pyrenees. Participants are able to take the quiz “What’s Your Vineyard Style?” to form their ideal vacation itinerary based on their “character”, by choosing between preferences like cities or countryside and Beef Bourguignon or Salmon Tartare.

After completing the quiz, each person will be matched to a particular wine region based on their answers. Participants also have access to special deals, itineraries and trip ideas based on their matching wine region.

Approximately 7 million people will be reached through this online campaign, including subscribers of The New York Times, the Travel Channel, Smithsonian Magazine, Fodor’s and Atout France’s consumer newsletter.

More, heraldonline.

“Faces of Holland” & Orbitz

The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) and  Orbitz  just announced a joint marketing partnership to launch NBTC’s new leisure marketing campaign, “Faces of Holland.” The campaign encourages travelers to learn and explore the fascinating stories behind Holland’s most recognizable icons, like canals, bicycles, windmills, tulips and Dutch Masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Throughout the campaign, NBTC and Orbitz Worldwide will work together to leverage new cross-platform media programs that will increase awareness of Holland as a leisure destination and drive online travel bookings amongst target audiences.

A wide range of strategic marketing efforts are to be employed, including retargeted online ads, while in addition to the icons of Holland, major upcoming events are also to be highlighted throughout the campaign.

NBTC has launched a “Faces of Holland” website which includes original videos and specific itinerary suggestions to help travelers meet all the “Faces of Holland”.


Targeted Destination Marketing: Engaging the Foodies

More and more destinations and DMOs are turning to diversified campaign initiatives in order to reach target audiences. Food is certainly an element very closely connected to the destination and definitely part of the whole on location experience for visitors but for the local community as well.

Niche social networks such as Foodspotting are embraced by DMOs realizing the importance of regaining that focus that is currently lost in the mainstream networks, engaging target audience on a deeper level,  while other destinations focus their marketing efforts on food through dedicated campaign initiatives. Are you hungry yet?

ELDHÚS – Iceland’s Little House of Food

Imagine having the chance to sample real Icelandic food in the country’s most remote and stunning locations? Inspired by Iceland recently took  the dining experience to a whole new level by introducing a new initiative called Eldhús, a pop-up food experience on wheels which travelled across the most remote and extreme areas of Iceland seeking out the best of Icelandic cuisine. Eldhús is an Icelandic word meaning kitchen. Literary, it means house of fire, referring to the part of an house where the open fire would be kept alive for cooking, before the days of metal stoves.

This tasty 12-day expedition through Icelandic gastronomy ran in March and saw Eldhús braving frozen glaciers and volcanic terrain, teetering along mountain paths and stopping off at Iceland’s most extreme beauty spots for tips and native delicacies from local farmers and fisherman.

Through the Inspired by Iceland communities on Facebook and Twitter people of Iceland were invited to nominate themselves or the people they know to take on the role of chef for one night and visitors to Iceland eating at Eldhús were lucky enough to be dined by these winning chefs.

Source: inspiredbyiceland

Foodspotting in Philly

There are likely at least a half dozen specialized communities where your target audience is spending time and interacting online. In these communities, you will find a high percentage of users are interested in your destination and in specific categories.  As larger social networks have become mainstream, niche social networks find their way in many DMOs social campaigns for a chance to connect with target markets on a deeper level, focus their efforts to groups that are already interested and join the discussion that is already going on about their brand.

Recognizing the importance and interest of the foodies community to the destination, Philadelphia became the first destination, through the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC), to launch a major Foodspotting program with multiple guides, a contest at launch and Foodspotting’s marketing support, becoming a featured destination on their web and mobile platform.

Philadelphia’s branded page enables GPTMC to bring the With Love, Philadelphia XOXO® tourism initiative to Foodspotting, encouraging people to visit several area restaurants and link Foodspotting friends to Visit Philly’s other web and social media properties, including Greater Philadelphia’s official visitor site.


Staycations to the rescue – Your destination needs you!

“Jordan is Beautiful” for Jordanians as well

Jordanians planning to spend their vacations in the country can avail of discounted offers at tourism sites across the Kingdom under the “Jordan is Beautiful” campaign that was launched in April.

Organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in cooperation with the Federation of Tourism Associations, the campaign will provide offers all year-round, according to Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Haifa Abu Ghazaleh.

The campaign provides 26 programmes with the aim of promoting domestic tourism and encouraging Jordanians to spend their holidays in the Kingdom. Abu Ghazaleh noted that information about these programmes can be viewed on the ministry’s new website

Ministry of Tourism Secretary General Issa Gammoh noted that the programmes will be reviewed every two months and a new list of programmes will be announced. He added that the ministry is currently working on a project to develop services in tourist sites. “We want to establish an administration to run tourism sites through conducting surveys to define the required services at each site to be implemented through investors,” he said.

Gammoh explained that investments will be open to interested local, Arab and foreign investors. Meanwhile, Shafiq Hayek, head of the Tourist Transportation Association, said the association is committed to providing sufficient means of transport for the campaign. He noted that in case of any shortage due to outbound tourism, the association will rent vehicles from other companies.


British Columbia’s “Don’t miss a moment” campaign

The BC’s ‘Don’t Miss a Moment’ new tourism marketing campaign encourages North Americans to visit B.C. this spring and summer. It focuses on the key markets of B.C., Washington State, Alberta, Ontario and California and runs until the end of September.

The campaign uses online and print advertising and search engine marketing to guide people to special offers, trip ideas and itineraries on It also uses social media, travel media relations and partnerships with online travel agencies like Expedia and Travelocity.

The campaign features ‘B.C.’s Great Vacation Giveaway,’ a contest that offers people a chance to win a personalized B.C. vacation worth $20,000. A 30-second television spot will also air across the province, showcasing B.C.’s wide variety of vacation experiences. The spot is designed to encourage British Columbians to travel within the province and enjoy provincial parks this summer during BC Parks’ 100th anniversary celebrations.

B.C. residents make up the single largest group of travellers in the province and represented roughly 52 per cent of all travellers within B.C. in 2009.

Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation: “We are committed to supporting a strong tourism industry in our province, which means jobs for British Columbians – and that’s good for B.C. families. This campaign builds on the increased attention B.C. received as a result of the 2010 Olympic Games and promotes all the regions of the province. This year we are putting an increased focus on special offers and trip ideas for travellers, which will promote B.C. as an affordable destination and motivate people to visit.”

Fraser Coast launches Staycation scheme

Fraser Coast Regional Council has announced a partnership with media supporters the Fraser Coast Chronicle and Channel Seven to promote the highly successful Fraser Coast Staycations scheme.

During a 25-week period, starting May 2011, the region’s two largest media outlets will support Council’s marketing initiatives by implementing a $100,000 multi-media campaign to boost the Fraser Coast economy.  The Fraser Coast Chronicle and Channel 7 are jointly providing the campaign free of charge to the Fraser Coast.

Supporting editorial, multi-media coverage and an extensive advertisement series will help raise consumer awareness of Fraser Coast Staycations and increase resident sign up and business take up of the scheme.

Staycations rewards residents for spending locally by offering discounts and deals from regional businesses and attractions. It offers residents generous incentives to holiday, shop and dine locally and encourages visiting friends and relatives to lengthen their stay and spend more while in the region.

Fraser Coast Mayor Mick Kruger says the Fraser Coast Regional Council initiative is becoming a major economic driver for this region.“Staycations provides all regional businesses – not only the tourism industry – an opportunity to leverage off a proven formula that provides benefits for all,” Cr Kruger said. “It helps stimulate regional business by encouraging residents to explore and spend in their backyard.” “Staycations is a win-win for both Fraser Coast businesses and residents as it allows local businesses to promote their products and services through great deals that encourage residents to holiday and shop locally.”

Council’s revamped Staycations “locals” campaign has had an extremely successful start. In just a few short weeks of the campaign there have been over 4,470 new registrations bringing the membership to more than 10,000 active cardholders. In addition, over 10,000 visitors to the campaign website have accessed 61,000 pages of information on regional businesses and their special Staycations offers.

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Top 20 Vintage Tourism Ads (Part 2): Travel ads as antidepressants

During our mission to discover the best vintage tourism ads, we came across so many posters that were too good to ignore. So guess what! Here comes the second part of abouTourism’s series of vintage tourism ads,  now renamed to Top 20!

The Art Deco style of vintage poster art had replaced Art Nouveau soon after World War I. Art Deco posters in the early 1900’s came into being with more organized geometrical shapes through the influence of the modern art movements of Cubism, Futurism and Constructivism. Geometric formality and simplicity would characterize this new style in vintage poster art of this period while poster artists conveyed their feelings of a new and modern future.

During the 1930’s there would be an explosion of advertising posters created to try to stimulate the depression era economy. Travel posters enjoyed considerable popularity as tourism begun emerging as an industry after WWII, destinations looked for a reinvented image and travelling was considered an antidote to the past economic depression. Enjoy!

#10. The Queen of Bermuda entering Hamilton Harbour, Adolph Treidler, 1930’s

This poster features the ‘Queen of Bermuda’ entering Hamilton Harbour with a couple taking a look in on her approach during their shoreline bike ride. Adolph Treidler took a risky trip to Paris during the Depression that led to the French Line account and that helped him get hired by the Bermuda Board of Trade in the 30s for campaigns and posters that put Bermuda on the tourist map.

#9. Prague, Rome of the North, 1935

#8. Visit Tunisia, the Land of Traditions, Elmekki, 1954

#7. Chicago, Leslie Darrell Ragan, 1929

Chicago was Leslie Ragan’s first poster for the New York Central Lines, the railroad for which he would produce many of his iconic Art Deco images. With its great depth and combination of shadowy and luminous areas, this timeless view of Michigan Avenue skyscrapers under a towering thunderhead contains all the romance and grandeur of Ragan’s mature style. He warmly embraced the skyscrapers of Chicago and New York as symbols of American progress. In Chicago, the City of the Big Shoulders is reborn as a Midwestern Athens.

#6. Hellas- Hydra, Yiannis Moralis, 1956

Yiannis Moralis was an important Greek visual artist and part of the so-called “Generation of the 30s”. The Greek National Tourism Organization commissioned this painting depicting a local scene in the island of Hydra in 1956. Over the years, Moralis was also involved with creating theatrical set and costume designs for the Greek National Theatre and the Greek National Ballet; illustrating poetic works by Odysseas Elytis and Giorgos Seferis; and decorating architectural works.
#5. Atlantic City – America’s Great Seashore Resort, Edward Eggleston, 1935

In the early 30s, Edward Eggleston produced what is often considered the best series of posters for the Pennsylvania Railroad, with the most spectacular ones featuring Atlantic City. The generally conservative rail line gave Eggleston the freedom to show off the famous Boardwalk with luscious scenes of aristocratic young ladies on the beach by day and night. Eggleston’s striking beauties are highlighted by a rich color palette and fabulous architectural settings which create an idyllic world somewhat akin to a Hollywood set. Indeed, Atlantic City was in its heyday during the Depression, when a weary public needed an escape to a more perfect world – either of celluloid or sunshine.

#4. Tokyo for Tourism, 1930’s

#3. Disneyland, Stan Galli, 1960

#2. Fly to South Sea Isles, Paul George Lawler, 1939

One of the most famous airline posters of all time, this great Pan Am poster brings to life the exotic adventure of luxury travel in the Thirties. A beautiful island native serenely watches a Boeing Super Clipper 314 land in the dramatic bay of Pago Pago, one of Pan Am’s string of seaplane bases across the Pacific. The 314 was the largest and most advanced flying boat of its era, capable of carrying 24 passengers over the unprecedented range of about 2800 miles. Like the zeppelins, this plane offered first class elegance plus the “legs” to handle intercontinental travel. It featured sleeping berths for all, a dining lounge and even a honeymoon suite. Indeed, the Boeing 314 enabled Pan Am to become the first airline to offer regularly scheduled routes across the Pacific, and shortly thereafter across the Atlantic, beginning service in June 1939.

#1. Paris, Salvadore Dali, 1969

Salvador Dali created this poster for Paris, one of a series of six posters emblazoned with butterflies for the French Railway.

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