Chinese Travel Market & the World

According to the latest report published by UNWTO, China’s expenditure on travel abroad reached US$ 102 billion in 2012, making it the first tourism source market in the world in terms of spending. 

Over the past decade China has been, and still is, by far the fastest-growing tourism source market in the world. Thanks to rapid urbanization, rising disposable incomes and relaxation of restrictions on foreign travel, the volume of international trips by Chinese travellers has grown from 10 million in 2000 to 83 million in 2012. Expenditure by Chinese tourists abroad has also increased almost eightfold since 2000. Boosted by an appreciating Chinese currency, Chinese travellers spent a record US$ 102 billion in international tourism in 2012, a 40% jump from 2011 when it amounted to US$ 73 billion.


With this sustained growth, China has become the largest spender in international tourism globally in 2012. In 2005 China ranked seventh in international tourism expenditure, and has since successively overtaken Italy, Japan, France and the United Kingdom. With the 2012 surge, China leaped to first place, surpassing both top spender Germany and second largest spender United States (both close to US$ 84 billion in 2012).

Tourism Marketing & China

Destinations have been actively targeting China through their marketing campaigns to capitalise on the increased volume of this travel market and engage Chinese travelers. Let’s see some recent examples:

Tourism Australia Targets China through Mini Series

With China being one of its key markets, some months ago Tourism Australia commissioned a  “micro-film” to be broadcasted online at China’s video sharing site Tudou in five 45-minute segments.

The story chronicles the dramatic romance of a young couple, played by wildly popular duo Rainie Yang and Show Luo. Naturally, the romance kicks off in Australia. According to the media relations department of Tourism Australia, this is a great way of getting across Destination Australia content to a large audience, estimated at up to 10 million, across Greater China.

Tourism Australia sees the potential and high engagement of online video portals and platforms in reaching Chinese consumers nationally in China and across the region. Influential celebrities generate word of mouth, not only for the China market but also amongst the Greater China region.


Advocacy from influential celebrities and their own social media platforms greatly enhance product awareness and preference. The drama content and associated travelogue will also build knowledge of Australian travel experiences for consumers.

Show Lo is one of most popular celebrities in Greater China who, through his singing, acting and TV hosting activities, engages with nearly ten million followers on and eight million followers on QQ—two of China’s leading social media platforms. Rainie Yang has more than 7.5 million followers herself on QG. (More on:

Tourism Queensland targeting Australia’s Chinese community

A new tourism campaign targeting Australia’s Chinese community has just launched in a bid to grow Queensland’s share of the international market and tempt Chinese residents either working or studying in Australia to holiday in Queensland.China is currently Queensland’s second largest and fastest growing international market, according to Tourism Research Australia as in 2012, the state welcomed 261,000 Chinese visitors who spent $468 million on visits, a year-on-year increase of 27 and 22 per cent respectively.


As the Minister of Tourism stated, “Chinese residents in Australia are in a position to advocate Queensland’s tourism experiences to friends and family, both here and in China, following visits to the state”. The campaign was introduced to VIP inbound tour operators, who are active in the local Chinese community at a series of events in Sydney and Melbourne this week.

In partnership with regional tourism organisations, Tourism and Events Queensland will host Chinese travel agents and media outlets based in Australia on visits which showcase the state first-hand. Marketing activities, promoting tailored holiday packages designed to appeal to Chinese residents will also feature in the campaign. The aim is to educate the local Chinese community about the diversity of Queensland’s holiday experiences and encourage more residents to travel to the state.

Sources: UNWTO, Queensland

“Best Job(s) in the World” – From Regional to National

The “Best Job in the World” tourism campaign – extended version.

Tourism Australia‘s new extension of Queensland‘s famous ‘best job in the world’ campaign will feature six roles, each with a $100,000 salary package including living costs. Don’t get it wrong though- the focus of the campaign is not the money, but the promotion of experiences.

In an effort to revive the lucrative though static young traveller market, Tourism Australia is spending $4 million on an expanded ”Best Job in the World” global campaign, a bigger and more representative version for the entire country.

The competition targets travellers between the ages of 18 and 30 who are eligible for Australia’s Working Holiday Maker program.

Facebook Application

Six states and territories, including NSW and Victoria, will participate in the promotion with young backpacker-style tourists, worth $12 billion to the Australian economy, invited to apply for six ”fun” ambassador-style tourism roles around the country.

Each of the jobs will showcase the best tourism attributes of each state and territory.


The campaign is a reinvention of Queensland’s acclaimed campaign with the 2009 Best Job in the World promotion, won by Briton Ben Southall who got the chance to become a ”caretaker” of a Great Barrier Reef island and attracted unprecedented international attention. The new campaign has already more than doubled the total of 34,000 entries received by the previous campaign.

Young overseas travellers to Australia help to meet the demand for tourism workers around Australia that the industry itself would otherwise find difficult to fill due to labour shortages. They also stay longer than other tourists and spend more, with an average expenditure of between $7300 and $13,000 depending on their visa.

Tourism Australia’s new national campaign will focus on the markets eligible for Australian working-holiday visas including Britain, Ireland, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

MoreTourism AustraliaAustralian Working Visa FB

New Marketing Campaigns for NY, Australia & Ireland

The Reinvention of  “I Love NY” logo with Crowd Sketches

New York just launched a new tourism campaign featuring a reinvention of the iconic “I Love NY” logo.

For the first time ever, the State has asked New Yorkers and visitors to help remake the “I Love NY” logo by submitting personal sketches depicting what they love about New York State (The “I Love NY” logo has not been used in television ads in over three years).

People can replace the heart in the iconic “I [HEART] NY” logo with their own drawing of what they most love about the state and submit it online where they will be displayed in an online gallery. It is the first time in nearly 40 years, since the logo’s inception, that New York State has officially asked the public for their interpretations of the “I Love NY” and for the reasons they love New York.

Select drawings may be used to replace the heart in “I Love NY” in new ads focused on New York’s many different experiences in future campaigns.

The new “I Love NY” ads are part of a $5 million tourism marketing campaign within the larger “New York Open for Business,” a $50 million statewide business initiative. The “I Love NY” ad campaign is expected to expand to feature other tourism seasons in the future.

Tourism Ireland to Londoners: “Escape the Madness”

While this summer’s Olympics promises to be a very exciting time in London, the event will inevitably draw huge crowds which will undoubtedly make commuting – and day-to-day life in general – more hectic for Londoners. Tourism Ireland will seize this opportunity – targeting hassled and weary Londoners – and present Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland as the ideal “escape” destination during this busy time.

Over 8 million people living in London will see Tourism Ireland’s “escape the madness” ad campaign this month, featuring an image of a wonderfully peaceful Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge. From next week, ads will run on the London underground, highlighting the open spaces and lack of congestion there; over 200 large ads will appear at different tube stations across the city, targeting frustrated commuters during morning and evening rush hours. Ads will also appear in the Evening Standard, the popular free daily newspaper which is read by millions of commuters each day, again with a message urging people to “escape” to the beautiful landscape and open spaces of Northern Ireland.

Social media will also help create awareness; a campaign on Facebook (Tourism Ireland has almost 120,000 fans across GB) and Twitter (over 2,300 followers) saw Tourism Ireland post status updates on the Olympic Torch Relay around Northern Ireland this week and messages will be posted regularly before and during the games. The hashtag #Escapethemadness will be used to create plenty of lively conversations about the island of Ireland on the social networks in GB.

A specially-created web page on is also promoting the torch relay, as well as the key sporting events and festivals. A series of itineraries for the thousands of accredited and non-accredited media visiting London from across the globe has been developed while Tourism Ireland is also working closely with key tour operators in all overseas markets.


There’s nothing like Australia, Phase 2

The latest phase of Tourism Australia’s global marketing campaign, There’s nothing like Australia, has just launched  in China – Australia’s fastest growing and most valuable overseas tourism market.

With a clear digital focusTourism Australia will spend approximately A$180 million over the next three years rolling out the evolving campaign in its key international markets and in Australia. It expects to achieve a total investment of A$250 million by securing up to A$70 million in additional funding from industry partners to support joint marketing activities, aimed at promoting Australia with a clear and consistent voice.

In addition to a new broadcast ad and print executions the campaign boasts a strong digital and social media focus, and will leverage the advocacy of Tourism Australia’s three million Facebook fans. Other elements include a new, interactive tablet app and hub on Tourism Australia has created an interactive tablet application which is unique in both concept and content. With inspiring multimedia content and intuitive functionality, to take customers further into the stories played out in the ad and provide more information on the locations.

Tourism Australia is seeking the involvement of the Australian industry in the campaign through partnership opportunities and by sharing campaign tools and resources.

The soundtrack for the ad, “It’s Like Love”, is the result of a unique musical collaboration last year between the two musicians who wrote the composition as part of Tourism Australia’s multi-award winning Making Tracks campaign.

It’s All About Experiences & Engagement: Tourism Australia & Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, Groundhog Day & Foursquare

Today, 02 Feb., is Groundhog Day in the US and Canada and this day every year the small city of Punxsutawney takes the national stage. Now with the advent of social media, the Pennsylvania Tourism Office is hoping to bring the city and its beloved tradition into the global spotlight.

And the tool of choice is Foursquare, the location-based, mobile platform that uses brightly colored badges as incentives for amassing check-ins at restaurants, tourist attractions, events and the like.

Foursquare users will be able to receive the Groundhog Day badge by following @VisitPA on the social network and checking in using the word “groundhog.” The badge will only be available from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Groundhog Day.

Now in its second year, the Groundhog Day badge has been record-breaking. It was unlocked by 27,846 users in 2011, more than any sponsored badge to that date

The badge is also representative of a unique partnership between the state of Pennsylvania and Foursquare. Pennsylvania is the first and only state to use Foursquare to promote more than 200 of its state tourist attractions.

Since the 2011 Groundhog Day badge, the tourism bureau has launched four badges, three of which have been retired. The remaining badge, called the Lock and Keystone badge, can be won by checking into five tagged locations across the commonwealth. Tagged locations include museums, restaurants and wine trails.

VisitPA has been a fantastic partner over the past year plus, working on not only badges, but user and merchant engagement,” according to a Foursquare Media Relations representative.

For the tourism office, the partnership with Foursquare has introduced Pennsylvania attractions to a global audience. Foursquare has 15 million users worldwide who have checked in at more than 1.5 billion locales, according to its website. Since its Foursquare launch, the tourism office’s account @visitPA has gained nearly 97,000 followers. More than 67,800 of those followers have unlocked one of its sponsored badges.

Groundhog Day badges are especially great because they’re available worldwide. Everyone in the world gets a chance to think about Pennsylvania — and visiting there — for one day, which is of even bigger importance to the Pennsylvania tourism officials  than getting people who are already in Pennsylvania to earn the badge.

Even though it’s not just about followers, it is worth mentioning that since the announcement of the 2012 Groundhog Day badge on Jan. 23, the @visitPA Foursquare account has grown by 1,200 followers.


100 Amazing Australian Experiences

A new campaign has just launched from Tourism Australia New Zealand, Fairfax media and Qantas.

We love this collaborative initiative, which manages to combine deep market intelligence, user generated content and a holistic presentation of the full package of tourism products and destinations.

The month-long digital campaign showcases 100 amazing Australian experiences, as chosen by Kiwi travel editors and experts. Launched on Australia Day with idyllic coastal experiences, the campaign also promotes Australia’s must-do journeys, nature experiences and events.

Each week, readers can vote for their favourite experience for the chance to win a $10,000 Australian holiday.  The campaign’s next phase will reveal the list ‘as voted for’ by Kiwis, along with the most travelled Kiwi of Australia.

100 Amazing Australian Experiences sits on the Australia Travel section of, alongside national news stories, lifestyle content and experience postcards. It’s supported by Tourism Australia social media and e-dm activity, as well as Qantas marketing.


Fresh Marketing Initiatives from Australia, Philippines & Bermuda

Time to Dream in Tourism Australia & Sydney

We loved the fresh New Year’s Eve initiative by Tourism Australia and Sydney, who this year went a step further

The film, titled ‘Project:12 – Time to Dream’ was created overnight and released on Tourism Australia’s YouTube channel and Facebook and Twitter pages in the early hours of New Year’s Day before many other parts of the world reached their own 2012 countdown.

Tourism Australia asked Sydney residents and visitors to record up to 6 seconds of video footage on their smart phones and upload them on the 31st of December, via the freely provided Sydney NYE App. They released this short film capturing the night as it unfolded, following the stories of a few individuals as well as the individual clips of user generated content, uploading them via the Sydney NYE iPhone app, and the official broadcast footage of the fireworks within hours of the midnight celebrations.

Australia passed the 2million mark on their Facebook page shortly before 2012 began, leading to the video being liked and shared over 14,000 times in the first few days, reaching an extended network in the tens of millions.


“Feel the Love Month” at Bermuda

The  Bermuda Department of  Tourism  is promoting the destination as the ideal romantic getaway in a new winter marketing campaign in North America.

Sponsored by the Department of Tourism, the island’s  ”Feel the Love Month”  takes place from  January 16 – March 3 offering couples the chance to enjoy the island’s cultural offerings through dedicated daily activities including cruises, champagne and strawberries museum reception, salsa dancing nights and more.

Additionally, travellers can enjoy a free night stay at participating hotels when booking a minimum three-night stay during Feel the Love Month.

Accommodations range from luxury resorts and boutique hotels to beach clubs and historic beach-front properties, and the promotion also provides access to exclusive deals and rates at more than 50 Bermuda retailers, including water sports shops, retail stores, restaurants and more with a special Traveler’s Price Card.

Bermuda’s “Feel the Love Month” events and activities include: Couples’ Golf Tournament; Champagne and Strawberries Afternoon Affair; Love Train City Tour; SalsaMania Latin Night Out Dockyard Glassworks; Shopping in the City; Visitors’ Love Cruise; Feel the Love Fridays and a Love Tales Walking Tour.


“It’s more fun in the Philippines”

The Department of Tourism (DOT) just launched a new brand campaign to attract visitors to the country with the line –  ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’.

Focusing on the country’s core strength, the campaign singles out what no other destination can offer – and that is the Filipino people. For example, the Lonely Planet guidebook calls Filipinos ‘among the most easygoing and ebullient people anywhere.’

“Our strategy is simple: while other countries invite you to observe, Filipinos can promise a more heartfelt and interesting experience. Wherever you go, whatever you do in the country, it’s the Filipinos that will complete your vacation and will make your holiday unforgettable,” says the new Tourism Secretary, Ramon Jimenez, Jr.

The Filipinos are already known around the world to be one of the happiest and warmest people on earth. The campaign hopes to enjoin the whole country in creating positive buzz of the tagline.

As the international campaign is underway, the DOT is also developing a national initiative under the line ‘#1FORFUN’ to rally the nation.“The national line is a goal, a constant reminder to ourselves why we can tell travellers it’s more fun here than anywhere else,” says the Secretary, “It needs everyone’s support for it to stay true—we need to make sure people’s experiences in our country are positive, enjoyable, and most of all, fun.”

For the past week, the DOT, through private briefings with traditional media and social media personalities, has been trying to create buzz about the unveiling of its new campaign while it also launched its new website for the campaign,

On Friday morning, the hashtag #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines became the top trending topic worldwide on Twitter. In the Philippines, the campaign also figured prominently on Twitter.


Season’s Special: Winter Wonderland Tourism Campaigns

abouTourism wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy & Productive New Year!

Let’s see what winter and the holidays look like in various destinations around the world!

Christmas New Orleans Style

New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (NOTMC) has launched a multimedia holiday marketing campaign inviting visitors to enjoy the month-long event.

The 2011 version of the 27-year-old Christmas New Orleans Style celebration features events throughout the city are scheduled from December 1st through Twelfth Night, January 5th, 2012.

The multi-platform ad campaign is centered on a series of short YouTube videos featuring New Orleans native Bryan Batt, a veteran stage and Emmy-award-winning TV actor. In the videos, which can be viewed on a special enhanced landing page devoted to the campaign, Batt encourages viewers to spend the holidays in New Orleans, explaining the many reasons for doing so in a humorous and slightly irreverent tone.

In addition to integrating NOTMC’s existing social media presence, a thirty-second TV spot is running in select markets. Additionally, each print ad will contain a bar code so consumers can use their smartphones to scan the code connecting them to a dedicated CNOS mobile microsite. There they can view travel deals, see a list of events, enter the Christmas sweepstakes, and see Reveillon restaurants and menus. Smartphone users can also access information at

To sweeten the pot for those who may wish to visit New Orleans, NOTMC will offer three free trips to New Orleans as well as a Facebook countdown to Christmas with prizes given to online winners each day throughout December.

Television commercials and print ads, created by Peter Mayer Advertising, will run in key regional markets including: Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Biloxi-Gulfport, Birmingham, Jackson, Lafayette, Little Rock, Mobile-Pensacola, Monroe-El Dorado, and Shreveport. Magazine print ads will include Passport, AAASouthern Traveler (LA, MS, AR) and Louisiana Cookin’.


“Celebrations Packed” Singapore Online Campaign

Christmas is just a click away, New Year is waiting. And Singapore Tourism Board just launched their online tourism marketing campaign, Celebrations Packed Singapore: What Will You Pack in a Singapore Holiday Contest, showcasing a Christmas kaleidoscope of celebrations.

To join the online tourism marketing contest, participants were urged to pack their bag by picking the Singaporean experiences that they would pack for Christmas in the Tropics. From cocktail on Singapore Flyer, Traditional Foot Reflexology, The Night Safari or Lau Pak Sat Food Experience they can just drag it into their suitcase.

Fantastic weekly prizes are given away for the online tourism marketing campaign contest, with a 3 nights stay at selected hotels. As grand prizes, a pair of return tickets to Singapore with accommodation and shopping vouchers.


Wisconsin Mitten Winter Campaign

Following the attention that the image of a Wisconsin-shaped mitten caused, which was used in the recently launched campaign by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, the organization decided to use it in good cause and work in partnership with the defending state of Michigan who debated the originality of the concept as they consider the mitten to be a core element of their image.

Wisconsin Department of Tourism spokeswoman Lisa Marshall said the intent of using a mitten shaped like the state for the winter tourism campaign wasn’t to step on Michigan’s toes — or fingers.

“We’re not the Mitten State. Michigan, they can own that. We want to be known as the Fun State,” she said. The department used a leaf shaped like Wisconsin for its fall tourism campaign and will move onto something new for spring, but for now, the mitten stays.

Wisconsin Department of Tourism is now collecting mittens for charity. Anyone who wants to make a donation can take gloves or mittens to a Wisconsin Welcome  Center.

In light of all the buzz surrounding the image of a Wisconsin-shaped mitten on and its social media sites, the Wisconsin Department of Tourism invited the public to visit a Travel Wisconsin Welcome Center or participating chamber of commerce or convention and visitors bureau during business hours until Jan. 15 to donate new or gently used mittens. The mittens will then be donated to local charities.

“There has been a lot of national excitement surrounding the debate over whether Wisconsin or Michigan looks more like a mitten,” Governor Scott Walker said. “Our Pure Michigan friends have agreed to join us in taking all of this attention and turning it into something positive.  We encourage everyone in both states to ‘shake hands’ and donate mittens to help make this winter a bit warmer for those in need.”

“Go out and buy a pair of gloves, a pair of mittens, donate them and we’ll turn around and give them to the Salvation Army and New Horizons,” said Dave Clements of the La Crosse Area Visitors Bureau. “And you’ll get a warm feeling of giving and somebody in need gets a nice little gift for Christmas.”


Montana’s Winter Tourism Campaign

The Montana Office of Tourism’s 2011-12 winter campaign features some of Montana’s biggest fans and homegrown talents: cinematographer and world-renown ski film director Warren Miller; Olympic mogul skier Heather McPhie, and X-Games medalist/author/photographer Kevin Connolly. They are joined by others whose work and lives have been shaped by Montana—photographers, naturalists, historians—to tell the story of Montana in the wintertime.

Research shows that skiing and wildlife watching are the leading motivators for Montana’s winter travelers, and this campaign is designed to keep Montana top-of-mind with those prospective travelers. Targeting both national audiences and key feeder markets for non-resident winter visitors, the campaign will leverage the success from complementary warm season campaigns (in 2010 and 2011) to build awareness of and intent to travel to Montana in its secret season—winter.

The national winter campaign includes a targeted print and online media buys, and is supported with aggressive key market winter campaign of out-of-home, radio, and additional online media in Chicago, Seattle, and Minneapolis. These cities represent strong existing and potential winter traveler markets for Montana. In selecting these markets, the Office of Tourism also leverages the high level of awareness and demand for Montana built by warm season campaigns in those same cities the past two years.


Tourism Australia Calls  for New Year’s Eve Videos

Tourism Australia and the City of Sydney will release a short film made from user-generated video of New Year’s Eve experiences as part of a campaign to promote Sydney as a prime destination for tourists to visit in the new year.

The film, to be titled ‘Project:12′, will be created overnight and released on Tourism Australia’s YouTube channel and Facebook and Twitter pages in the early hours of New Year’s Day before many other parts of the world reach their own 2012 countdown.

The digital campaign is facilitated via the City of Sydney’s NYE iPhone app which allows users to upload 12-second clips of their new year celebrations.

Executive general manager of marketing for Tourism Australia, Nick Baker, says the user generated content approach lends itself well to the tourism space and also to the nature of Australians.

“The level of interaction and interest from Australians in the Nothing Like Australia campaign was great with over 41,000 photos uploaded,” Bakers says. “Australians love talking about the country so it [user generated content] is a natural sweet spot for us.”

On managing the quality and amount of content received Baker says the team ensures their pre work is done which for this campaign included mapping out the key themes that they’re looking for and preparing a story line. The app only allows people to upload footage in 12 second blocks, which we feel is enough to get a nugget of their new year’s story,” Baker says.

The campaign aims to capture the shared experience and emotion of welcoming in the new year with friends and family against the backdrop of Sydney’s fireworks display.

Tourism Australia is giving away a BridgeClimb gift certificate for the best video clip submitted.

The initiative is part of a Tourism Australia and City of Sydney joint venture to show the world why there’s nothing like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia.


Cooperative Marketing: Much More Than a Trend

Norway and Scandinavian Airlines Launch New Campaign Site

Innovation Norway has partnered up with SAS Scandinavian Airlines, VisitOsloRegion and Fjord Norway to develop a campaign where users get to discover a hotels, restaurants, skiing centers and fun through a first perspective in a fun, interactive way. The site allows users to create and share their “Imaginary Trip to Norway”.

The airline highlighted that Norway is a somewhat unknown winter destination for U.S. tourists. Accordingly, the site contains information about the attractions to experience around the capital city Oslo as well the Fjord region. By answering a few questions about their travel taste, the website automatically generates a customised “travel journal” of their imaginary Norway winter adventure complete with text, photographs and tagged travel companions through Facebook.

The campaign is timed to launch in anticipation of the World Snowboarding Championships which will be held in Oslo, February 2012.

“Norway is ideal for an action packed winter vacation,” said Beate Christin Gran, Project Manager with Innovation Norway Americas. “We created a fun and surprising campaign site that introduces American travellers to a wide variety of destinations and activities, including some of the best skiing and most stunning nature experiences you can get anywhere in the World.”


Tourism Australia & Jetstar Tap Social Media to Bring Back Japanese Tourists

Tourism Australia has signed a $10 million marketing deal with Jetstar aimed at boosting Japanese inbound tourism and further expanding brand Australia’s presence in Asia Pacific.

The three year agreement runs to mid 2014 and will see Tourism Australia and Jetstar each contribute at least $1.6 million per year on a range of joint marketing, digital and social media activities. The partners will work cooperatively to leverage more affordable air travel and Australia’s unique attractions to increase arrivals from Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

The first tranche of $2 million will be directed to rejuvenating the Japanese market, which has slipped from Australia’s second to fifth largest source market for international tourists over the past ten years.

Managing Director Andrew McEvoy said the deal was an extension of Tourism Australia’s ongoing focus on Asia but also represented a new approach to Japan and working with airlines partners. “It unlocks real value by leveraging the combined skills, expertise and resources which both our organizations have long demonstrated in Asia. We aim to use our well-established and successful There’s nothing like Australia campaign messaging alongside to drive bookings and inbound travel”.

“This partnership will leverage Australia’s attractiveness as a destination for international tourists with Jetstar’s leading low fares as a means to convert this into actual arrivals. The potential flow-on benefits for Australian tourism will be significant.” Mr McEvoy said.


VisitScotland and National Museum Team up for Surprise Yourself Campaign

VisitScotland and National Museums Scotland have teamed up for the national tourism organisation’s £3.5m domestic marketing campaign, Surprise Yourself.

The partnership, which has been running since the end of August, has already seen nearly a million people from across the United Kingdom and Ireland view partnership information through joint marketing materials and the Surprise Yourself website, with millions more people expected to see further information over the coming months.

This agreement forms a key part of VisitScotland’s campaign designed to appeal the country’s burgeoning staycation market which last year was worth more than a £1bn to the Scottish economy.

The National Museum of Scotland has welcomed over 700,000 visitors since it re-opened at the end of July following a £47.4m refurbishment. With 16 new galleries featuring 8,000 objects from all over the world, 80% of which have not been on display before. Many of these objects are likely to surprise visitors, none more so than in the Tibetan Prayer Wheelhouse in the World Cultures galleries which was actually made in the Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in southern Scotland – the turning of the wheel develops compassion.

Malcolm Roughead, Chief Executive of VisitScotland, said: “Anyone who steps inside the magnificently refurbished museum will immediately be struck by the fantastic experience on offer. The partnership between VisitScotland and The National Museum of Scotland as part of our Surprise Yourself campaign will give the chance for millions of people to be inspired to see one of Scotland’s newest and best visitor attractions.”


Destination BrandWatch: Airlines Teaming Up with Destinations

Tourism Australia and Singapore Airlines launch marketing campaign

An £800,000 advertising campaign to help boost tourism from the UK to Australia in the wake of flooding in Queensland and wildfires in Perth has started.

The joint Tourism Australia Singapore Airlines national ad push runs for a month on TV and online.

Each advert directs consumers to find out more at or from their travel agent.

The TV ad is a 40 second spot expected to reach 21 million of the target audience. This is supported by online spots on travel portals and social media channels.

Tourism Australia UK and Northern Europe regional general manager Rodney Harrex said: “2010 was a tough year for the travel industry yet our visitor figures out of the UK market were stable compared to 2009.

“This shows the ongoing support for Australia from British holidaymakers, who are attracted by the range of diverse experiences. This campaign will help to ensure that the demand for Australia continues through 2011 in the UK.”


Find out more:


JetBlue Airways’ “I Heart Blue York” aircraft livery for New York City

New York-based JetBlue Airways (Nasdaq: JBLU), in partnership with Empire State Development (ESD),  immortalized its hometown status with the unveiling of an Airbus A320 aircraft, aptly named “I HeartBlue York,” featuring the airline’s co-branded trademark with New York State’s iconic I LOVE NEW YORK tourism campaign and logo. The newly branded aircraft was revealed to hundreds of crewmembers at JetBlue Airways’ home base at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport by CEO Dave Barger.

Designed in collaboration with the logo’s original creator, Milton Glaser, the co-branded trademark features a deliberate intersecting of the popular I LOVE NEW YORK phrase with the famous red heart and the JetBlue logo. The logo is placed on both sides of the aircraft’s tailfin. When viewing the aircraft from its left side, the JetBlue logo appears prominently with the red heart. On the right side of the aircraft, the logo is rotated, showcasing the I LOVE NEW YORK logo more prominently.

In addition, short films to promote tourism for New York State will be shown on JetBlue’s in-flight seatback program this month. In partnership with ProMotion Pictures, New York State’s iconic tourism campaign worked with teams of students at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Graduate School of Film to create the films. To find out more and to view the films visit

Created in 1975, the I LOVE NEW YORK logo is an icon recognized around the world. While it has often been imitated, this is the first time the powerful logo has been adapted and co-branded for joint use with another entity.

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Etihad Airways launches Essential Abu Dhabi Airbus A330-300

Etihad Airways has taken its recently launched ‘Essential Abu Dhabi’ marketing campaign to new heights, with the unveiling of special ‘Visit Abu Dhabi in 2011’ livery on an Airbus A330-300 aircraft, which is set to take the message to Etihad’s destinations around the world.

Key partners of the initiative, which aims to enhance the emirate’s position as a leading tourism and MICE (meetings, incentive travel, conferences and exhibitions) destination, including the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, and Abu Dhabi media representatives, were also on board.

The unveiling of the three-class A330-300 aircraft, which features the airline’s new Diamond First Class cabin and which will fly to London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris and Mumbai as part of the Essential Abu Dhabi campaign, is just the start of a number of high profile promotional activities planned in the coming months.

Peter Baumgartner said: “The unveiling of this new aircraft livery with our message to the world to come and Visit Abu Dhabi further underlines our commitment to the growth and awareness of Abu Dhabi, not only as a tourist destination but as a place to do business in a dynamic and friendly environment.

“Since we launched the Essential Abu Dhabi marketing campaign with our partners, we have seen a tremendous amount of excitement and interest from people right across the globe, as well as with local audiences.”

The initiative, which for the first time brings together all of Abu Dhabi’s major tourism operators, is designed to promote the very best the UAE’s capital has to offer through a wide range of deals in its hotels, dining outlets, shops, adventure parks, cultural attractions and sports facilities.

The website provides dedicated pages for hotels, restaurants, Yas Island, entertainment, shopping, arts and culture, adventures and golf, while an ‘Essential Abu Dhabi’ on-board brochure is available for passengers to pick and choose from.

“We wanted to provide a convenient ‘one stop shop’ that will serve as both a directory for the city whilst providing exclusive offers on a range of products and services for our visitors.”

Destination BrandWatch: Digital Campaigns from Tourism Australia, Canada & VisitBritain

Tourism Australia teams up with YouTube to promote Australia

Tourism Australia has teamed up with Google and YouTube in an innovative new digital marketing campaign, which will showcase many of Australia’s most iconic visitor attractions to an international online audience of millions.

Making Tracks will see four international musicians from the US (two), the UK and Taiwan, who have recently been selected to take part in YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011, flown to Australia where they will each team up with one of Australia’s most promising musicians and take part in their very own journey Down Under.

The journeys, and the musical compilations which come out of them, will be filmed and later broadcast on YouTube and via Tourism Australia’s digital and social media channels.  Between them, the musical pairings will travel to every State and Territory and participate in a range of Australian experiences, including surfing at Bondi beach, a scenic flight over Uluru, an ocean walk on Kangaroo Island, a helicopter flight over the Twelve Apostles, journeying across the Western Wilderness in Tasmania, hot air ballooning over Canberra and a visit to the Sunshine Coast.

The campaign is the latest push in Tourism Australia’s highly successful digital strategy, highlights of which include a YouTube-branded channel and the recent There’s nothing like Australia marketing campaign, which has encouraged thousands of people around the world to share their favourite Australian experience.

Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy believes that the creative collaboration with YouTube will enable Tourism Australia to reach new markets by focusing on music and the arts.

“Making Tracks is Australia’s own magical musical mystery tour and will open up some of Australia’s most iconic destinations and experiences to a huge, global online audience. I’m sure the experience will prove inspiring to all the musicians taking part. What better way to showcase Australia’s music, arts and culture than through these unique and highly personalised musical road trips through our great country.”



Canada Tourist Board uses QR barcodes for Facebook campaign

The Canadian Tourism Commission is adding QR barcodes to their current advertising to promote a Facebook social media campaign.

The barcodes will give smartphone users a convenient link from CTC ads direct to the board’s website. QR barcodes allow people to use their camera and an app to read the code and the programme takes them to the CTC homepage.

This is not the first advertisement to use QR barcodes, it has already been adopted by brands like Calvin Klein. The Canadian Tourism Commission will be using the QR codes to help promote a social media competition on their Facebook page.

“We are excited about the opportunity to spread the Canada message wider than ever before since our re-organisation, and we certainly hope that all of us who have a vested interest in Canada’s tourism growth will benefit from this investment,” said Rupert Peters, managing director of Canadian Tourism Commission, London office.


VisitBritain Develop Inspirational TV Channel in Time for Royal Wedding and 2012 Olympic Games

VisitBritain, the national tourism agency has formed an innovative partnership with Geocast TV to develop, host and manage its new media site: VisitBritain TV.

Geocast TV is a specialist production company working with a range of digital media including film. Its brief is to develop a video and streaming media website which promotes British people and events, enabling the millions of overseas tourists who come to Britain to get the most out of their visit.

Justin Reid, Head of Digital and Social Media at VisitBritain said, “The Royal Wedding this year and the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 will provide unprecedented media exposure all around the world. We want to ensure we cater for the information needs and interests of both new visitors who are inspired to come to Britain for the first time and people who know us well and want to get under our skin more.

“As millions of people research ideas for holidays and days out online, we’ll be bringing them an enhanced media experience featuring news from around the country, live events, travel reports and feature programmes.”

Richard Day, Director, Geocast TV said, “We are delighted to be working with VisitBritain at this extremely exciting time. VisitBritain TV showcases Britain at its best, featuring events and programmes that will inspire people to explore more of the country. Our experienced production team will be delivering high quality programming for the site every week, enabling people to anticipate and plan their leisure itineraries.” Have a look at VisitBritainTV yourself now-