Global Competitiveness Survey: Arabian Peninsula Destinations Image

Based on a survey carried out among international travelers, TCI Research reports that Dubai achieves the highest scores both in awareness and positive image, compared with the other destinations from the Arabian Peninsula.


With 93% of prompted awareness and 3 out of 4 travelers having a positive image of Dubai, the Emirate surpasses its competitors in the region. However Abu Dhabi and Qatar also enjoy strong levels of awareness but still need to improve their image to rival Dubai, especially on female travelers.

More “emerging” destinations in the region like Ajman and Sharjah are known (even only by name) by around 1 out of 4 travelers and still have opportunity to build a stronger awareness and consolidate their image.

Commenting on the results, TCI Research CEO Olivier Henry-Biabaud adds: “While the overall image of Arabian Peninsula destinations may be often challenged by travelers, Dubai remains the most known destination in the region enjoying a solid brand capital. However the competition within the region and at international level is intensifying with both mature and new players: in this context, beyond awareness and image, actual visitors’ experience remains an essential factor of success for keeping a competitiveness advantage”.

Technical note:
Flash online survey based on 300+ international travellers from 30 different markets, aged 18-70 years old.
Data collected in July 2013.  Source: TCI Research traveller panel.

About TCI Research
TCI Research is a Brussels based leading independent research agency specializing in tourism destinations’ competitiveness evaluation. It carries out the UNWTO Innovation Award Winning TRAVELSAT Index, a reference global benchmarking survey benchmarking countries, regions and cities’ competitiveness based on visitors’ experience.

abouTourism is the exclusive representative of TRAVELSAT© Competitive Index in SE Europe/Eastern Med Destinations. For more information you may contact us at: or  (+30) 210 8941610.

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