Fresh Destination BrandWatch: Barbados & Las Vegas

Barbados Tourism Campaign feat. Rihanna

The new tourism campaign by Barbados features Rihanna and it will run entirely through social media.

The recent release follows November’s sneak preview of some of the images from the new Barbados campaign from Rihanna’s social media accounts using the hashtag #Barbados.

The campaign has combined heritage with innovation to differentiate Barbados,” says the Barbados Tourism Authority and “the idea of an ‘Inside Out’ campaign makes it possible for every visitor to experience their own Barbados”

The Barbados tourism website says about the beautiful island, “Driving on its English, African and West Indian roots, Barbados has established its own distinctive identity, evidenced in its customs, traditions and values, and passionately expressed through the rich history, exceptional cuisine and artistic talents of its people.


New Campaign for Las Vegas

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has just launched a new ad series starring an actor playing a guy named Las Vegasdotcom, an average Joe who has nothing to do with Sin City but gets pestered for tourist info. Soon, he becomes an expert.

According to the Authority, the idea is to target “persuadables” rather than loyal repeat customers and showcase the revamped website, where visitors now can book rooms and customize a trip in addition to getting tourist info.

The campaign, touting the Las Vegas tourism board’s official (and refreshed) website, is focused around everyman Las Vegasdotcom. He isn’t a resident of the place but gets harangued for Vegas tips by his colleagues and neighbors. Before you know it, he’s giving helpful advice to those who need to know.

There are no showgirls, no big-name acts, no images of funkily designed casinos. It’s just a regular guy telling regular folks about a nice place to check out — and check out, online, of course.

“What happens, stays” isn’t being retired though. It’s just that the city needs to keep offering people “reasons to visit,” according to the   LVCVA.


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