TrendSpotting 2013 is Here!

The abouTourism Trendspotting compilation is here to give you the whole picture of where the tourism and travel industry is headed in 2013 and beyond ! 

2013 is more about developing instant, personalized & bookable services. For destinations and tourism companies, what matters is offering customized and relevant information by gaining access to large amounts of data from multiple sources.

Consumer technology is changing traveler behavior and expectations. Organizations and companies try to keep up with the latest advancements focusing on cost optimization and performance enhancement while they also need to increase their focus on how technology can better meet their travelers’ needs.

The global travel industry is experiencing a continuing upward trend due mainly to an economic boom in Brazil, Russia, India, China and in other developing countries. More and more organizations worldwide are adapting their business models to take advantage of opportunities in emerging markets and especially the BRICS. But what about the SLIMMA and the TUsCKns markets?

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