Film Tourism & Destination Marketing

Film-induced tourism is one of the fast growing sectors of the tourism industry and this is something that both the UK and New Zealand know very well.

James Bond on VisitBritain’s Service

On Global James Bond Day, marking the 50th anniversary of the 007 film franchise, VisitBritain launched its biggest ever film tourism campaign, centered around the release of “Skyfall,” the 23rd James Bond adventure.

Capturing the adventure and excitement of 007, VisitBritain’s image campaign includes its largest ever film tourism campaign, which will be shown in cinemas in key inbound markets like Australia, Brazil, Germany and the US. A number of billboards declaring “Bond is GREAT Britain” will also remind people that there is no better time for them to visit Britain and explore the home of the world’s most dashing secret agent.

VisitBritain also launched an online SKYFALL experience called ‘Agent UK’, designed to engage with the large digital and social media following that the national tourism agency already enjoys. The campaign can be shared through Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

Britain’s rich heritage and culture, along with its film expertise all combine to make the UK an ideal location for filming, something which has been drawing film-makers to Britain for years.

On average, 120 million people worldwide will see a blockbuster film in the first three weeks of it opening and research shows that film locations can be a major draw for overseas tourists. VisitBritain research shows that just under half of potential visitors to Britain want to visit places they have seen featured in films or TV.

New Zealand is 100% Middle Earth

100% Middle-earth,100% Pure New Zealand underpins Tourism New Zealand‘s (TNZ) campaign work to promote New Zealand as a visitor destination through its association with the upcoming film releases of “The Hobbit” Trilogy.

The aim is to take advantage of that global profile by showing how easily the fantasy of The Hobbit movies can become reality in the form of a New Zealand holiday. The dedicated marketing campaign aims to show potential travellers that the fantasy of Middle-earth is in fact the reality of New Zealand – and that there is a whole world of experiences to be had and people to meet within the movie-scene style landscapes.

Research conducted by Tourism NZ in May to July, 2012 found that 57% of people already considering a trip to New Zealand were aware of The Hobbit trilogy. Of those aware of the films, 87% know they were filmed in New Zealand and 58 per cent are fans of the Hobbit.

This week sees the first 100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand joint venture activity launched in USA as part of an advertising campaign with Air New Zealand. Rolled out using online advertising, potential travellers will be directed to landing pages on and respectively promoting return airfares to Auckland.

Talking about marketing integration, it was recently announced that New Zealand’s capital Wellington will rename itself “The Middle of Middle-earth” when it hosts the world premiere of The Hobbit movie trilogy next month. The city will also host Hobbit artwork and an artisan festival. The city also announced that the postal service and local newspaper will be among many agencies to use the unofficial Middle Earth moniker for three weeks.

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