“The Most Social Cities” Index

“The Most Social Cities” Index is a unique initiative aimed at rating Internet social communities of cities.

The study is jointly being carried out by Best Place – European Place Marketing Institute in cooperation with TheStory. The first-phase findings are available at www.TheMostSocialCities.com.

Wrocław – the fourth in terms of population Polish city – has a stronger Internet community than London? Is it possible? “Utilizing the Internet for communication, including accessing social network sites and offering mobile applications, has ceased to be a luxury for the selected few, it’s become common” – says Adam Mikołajczyk from Best Place Institute.

In the first stage of the study, researchers conducted a quantitative assessment of city online communities on Facebook and AppStore. The findings can be viewed at: www.TheMostSocialCities.com. The figures show how active and strong a city’s Internet social community is, one where its members want to talk about, promote, or create applications for the city and thus invite to visit and build relations with the city.

“It is worth noting, however, that the number of Facebook fans or AppStore applications does not reflect the real strength of the city’s brand but it is an important indicator of how effective a city has been in promoting itself online” – explains Dymitr Romanowski from TheStory, a digital branding agency.

In subsequent phases of the study Best Place Institute and TheStory will address the methodology of the Index as well as look into other indicators. Findings will be posted on an ongoing basis on the TheMostSocialCities.com website.

Source: bestplaceinstytut.org

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