abouTourism on Territorial Reputation Management in Davos

Manolis Psarros will be in Davos this week for the 3rd World Communication Forum “Communication on Top” which takes place on 9-10 February, sharing his expertise on destination marketing and reputation management.

Manolis has been invited to join three top experts on a panel titled: Territorial Reputation Management.

Focusing on city/district positioning and communications strategies in promoting territorial reputation showcased through case studies analysis the Territorial Reputation Management panel presentations and discussion will be taking place on Friday 10 February, 09.30 a.m. at the Davos Congress Center.

Forum Davos

This year’s “Communication on Top” Forum will discuss different aspects of: privacy vs. publicity, new challenges to the PR consultancies – global vs. local , territorial reputation – the synergy between global brands, producers and country/region image, communicating scientific breakthroughinteractions in virtual economics – social media games and online trading (Second Life, Online IPO), virtual vs face-to-face communication in PR and marketing, internal communications, communications associations’ mission today…. and more.

During the “Communication on Top” Forum, Manolis will join dedicated professionals and skilled trend-makers for sharing best practices, new strategies, insights and creative ideas that will help improve the world of communications. The core of the summit is an open dialogue uniting CEOs of leading companies and communication experts from high-rank world organizations, political and state-run institutions, NGOs, research centres, media units, and Internet communities.

Global communications no longer distinguish a sharp difference amongst public, corporate, marketing, financial or political. Today’s new generation of “digital natives” have a different perception of reality, genuineness and borders and are the current and future citizens, employees, consumers, electors.

The goal is to have a global network for distributing best practices in crisis, change or reputation management, as well as useful strategies in investor relations, employee motivation, government lobbying, etc. Equally necessary is to foresee the upcoming communication trends and secure a successful method for analyzing problems, finding solutions and offering best tools to serve top managers in their decision-making or daily professional tasks and, through the exchange of ideas and opinions, help them improve their own corporate and social efficiency.

Follow abouTourism and Manolis on Twitter for latest updates from the 2012 World Communication Forum.

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