LAC Region Embraces Qualitative Research for Regional Tourism Development

It is always great news when we see that regional tourism cooperation is supported by establishing robust research processes to support sustainable tourism development and enhance cooperation amongst stakeholders.

The most recent example comes from Latin America, where OLACT a not-for-profit organization aiming at fostering cooperation within the Latin-American and Caribbean tourism industry, announced their official cooperation with TCI Research, the market research agency which offers tourism competitive intelligence combining traditional market research and digital data collection.

OLACT is a very promising regional cooperation initiative, aiming to encourage the development of regional cooperation within the Latin American and Caribbean tourism industry, to promote measures to protect the natural, cultural and social environment from the potential negative effects of the industry’s activities, and to improve the quality, supply and promotion of tourism related services.Both organizations aim to work together to increase knowledge and improve decision making in the Latin-America and the Caribbean tourism industry through the statistic tool known as TRAVELSAT Competitive Index©.

TRAVELSAT Competitive Index© benchmarks international tourists’ satisfaction and destination quality in a comparable and standard way supporting tourism governance. This tool is an innovative instrument for all national, regional and local tourism stakeholders to improve their competitiveness and attractiveness in a global and complex international tourism environment.



abouTourism is the exclusive representative of TRAVELSAT© Competitive Index in Greece & SE Europe/Eastern Med Destinations. For more information contact us at: or  (+30) 210 8941610.

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One thought on “LAC Region Embraces Qualitative Research for Regional Tourism Development

  1. This is a good development. It will help in generating robust information that will further enhance the progress of the industry especially when combined with quantitative studies.

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