Know your Markets: Key Satisfaction Factors & 4 Tips by TRAVELSAT

TCI Research, has just released an international survey report of Italian market expectations when traveling in Euromed destinations, from its reference survey TRAVELSAT©.

Environment, local food and shopping are reported as the as top factors mostly influencing Italian tourists’ satisfaction.

Based on its reference TRAVELSAT© survey benchmarking quality of international destinations, the research agency suggests therefore four recommendations to better meet the specific needs of this important market:

1. Providing an “environment oriented” experience. Italian tourists pay high attention to the environment while 4 tourists on 10 take nature activities during their stay. The Italian market seems especially sensitive to the landscape beauty, the cleanliness  inside/outside cities and the air quality of Euro-Mediterranean destinations they visit.

2. Improving a diversified and affordable local food experience. Very few destinations succeed in meeting Italian tourists’ expectations in this area with 12% of negative experiences/complaints vs 8% in average for other markets. The disappointment does not come from the gastronome segment but the “mass market” looking for the highest value for money experience.

3. Offering “a safe experience”. Safety feeling is in the top 3 criteria mostly influencing Italian tourists’ satisfaction. A large  number of Euromed destinations are well rated on this, even if Italian tourists seem slightly less happy than the average market with regards to this aspect.

4. Improving drastically the shopping experience. Italian visitors tend to find the shopping way too expensive in Euromed regions given the service provided in return (opening hours, hospitality in shops…)

TCI Research CEO Olivier Henry-Biabaud comments: «Italian visitors travelling abroad are unsurprisingly demanding on topics such as local food and shopping, but they also appreciate abroad some aspects of their daily lives that they tend to criticise in their own country (like environment in cities or public transportation). Destination management organisations need to take this cultural aspect into account”.

About TRAVELSAT Competitive Index©:

TRAVELSAT© is the reference, global and independent survey benchmarking international tourists’ experience and satisfaction in a standard way for all destinations. It monitors 80+ Satisfaction Indexes for over 200 worldwide countries, markets and segments, based on representative opinion of tourists who experienced the destination. Awarded in 2011 by the UNWTO for its major contribution in tourism governance, TRAVELSAT© provides a innovative instrument for destinations willing to improve their attractiveness and competitiveness in a global and complex international competitive environment. TRAVELSAT© data are collected, controlled and provided by TCI Research, an independent research agency dedicated to survey-based tourism competitive intelligence. More information available here.

abouTourism is the exclusive representative of TRAVELSAT© Competitive Index in Greece & SE Europe/Eastern Med Destinations. For more information you may contact us at: or  (+30) 210 8941610.

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