E-Tourism Present and Future Services and Applications- ENTER Conference 2012

Helsingborg Sweden 24th to 27th of January 2012

Organized by the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel & Tourism (IFITT), ENTER 2012 offers a worldwide and unique forum for attendees from academia, industry, government, and other organizations to actively exchange, share, and challenge state-of-the-art research and industrial case studies on the application of information and communication technologies to travel and tourism.

At ENTER 2012, the theme is on present and future services and applications, thereby considering interactions among information and communication technology use and development in both, a supplier and user context within travel and tourism.

Issues to be covered at the conference include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Advanced Distribution Systems
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Information Search and Retrieval
  • Technology Acceptance
  • Consumer Inspiration through ICTS
  • Eno-Gastronomic Tourism
  • Information Interfaces and Presentation
  • Travel Search and Meta-Search
  • Crisis and e-Tourism
  • ICT Adoption, Use, and Value Creation
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Web 2.0 and Web 3.0
  • Distribution Strategies
  • ICT-enabled Partnerships and Segmentation
  • Legal and Social Aspects
  • Website Design and Evaluation
  • E-Learning
  • ICT and Sustainability
  • Mobile Services
  • Context-Aware Systems
  • E-strategy and e-Business models
  • ICT for Regional Development
  • Recommender Systems

Manolis Psarros, Managing Director of abouTourism, will be attending the Conference as a speaker along with many leading industry representatives. Further information on the conference, the program and the speakers can be found here.

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