Top Factors Influencing Destination Choice

International survey: 4 decisions out of 10 prompted by friends & relatives’ recommendation

We have all realized by now the power of reviews. It is probably a natural shift driven by the information overload that modern consumers have increasingly been facing for the past decades. Reviews and online opinions are essential to consumers in the travel-planning process and recent studies continue to show the trend that wants active social and mobile consumers preferring peer, independent reviews over the traditional channels and marketing campaigns.

As the most recent results from TRAVELSAT© benchmarking survey suggest, four out of ten international visitors actually choose their destination based on recommendations from their trusted inner circle. Since peer reviews are becoming the main decision making factor, it is important for destinations to focus on how to increase positive reviews and feedback from their current and future visitors by constantly developing their tourism products and services in line with the rising trends.

Provisional 2011 data. 15 000+ international tourists from 30+ markets and visiting a destination for the first time

Global benchmarking survey TRAVELSAT© reports that 38% of international tourists choose their destination based on friends & relatives’ recommendation. The viral channel remains the first driver in travelers’ decision making.

TCI Research CEO Olivier Henry-Biabaud comments: “With increasing destination choices offered to you as consumer and multiplied sources of information you may feel lost in, what your friend, relative or colleague will tell you will have much more impact than any other channel. Internet greatly influences choices for destinations but less as a source of information than as an instant feedback sharing communication tool with your trustworthy social network. Therefore destinations need first to make sure they delight their visitors today if they want to recruit more visitors tomorrow via a trust based viral effect”.

About TRAVELSAT Competitive Index©:

TRAVELSAT© Competitive Index is the reference, global and independent survey benchmarking international tourists’ experience and satisfaction in a standard way for all destinations, markets and traveller segments. It monitors 80+ Satisfaction Indexes for over 200 destinations, markets and segments, based on representative opinion of tourists who experienced the destination. Awarded in 2011 by the UNWTO for its major contribution in tourism governance, TRAVELSAT© provides a innovative instrument for all national, regional and local tourism stakeholders willing to improve their competitiveness in a global and complex international competitive environment. TRAVELSAT© data are collected, controlled and provided by TCI Research, an independent research agency dedicated to survey-based tourism competitive intelligence. More information available on

abouTourism is the exclusive representative of TRAVELSAT© Competitive Index in Greece & SE Europe/Eastern Med Destinations. For more information you may contact us at: or  (+30) 210 8941610.

17 thoughts on “Top Factors Influencing Destination Choice

  1. your informations are useful in the academic arena but more research ar needed concern tourism industry in africa.thanks in advance.

    1. Supposing that you are referring to the information provided in this post by TRAVELSAT Index, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is a practical instrument designed especially for the tourism industry, for all national, regional and local tourism stakeholders willing to improve their competitiveness. Please note that, in line with abouTourism’s efforts to share knowledge, the information provided in this post are a small preview of a wider research performed by TCI Research, which involves more than 80 Indexes for over 200 destinations, markets and segments depending on the specific needs of the destination who commissions it for complete survey results. Please let us know if you would like to utilize the TRAVELSAT Index to collect and analyze more specific information for Africa

      1. The information given is very useful but please give me information in relation to African travellers. Many thanks

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