What’s New? Fresh Destination Promotional Initiatives

Visit Britain’s “You re invited” Campaign goes 3D

VisitBritain has unveiled the second phase of its global ‘You’re Invited’ campaign, as ten unique 3D artworks left London for a worldwide tour that will promote Britain overseas. The iconic artworks build on the high profile celebrity launch of the organisation’s marketing programme in June.

World famous 3D street artists Joe and Max were commissioned to create the interactive artworks for VisitBritain. This will allow members of the public to insert themselves virtually into some of Britain’s most iconic landmarks. The artworks will be displayed in ten key locations around the world, with those who have their photo taken on the canvas entering into a competition that will include a pair of British Airways Club World return flights to the UK.

As Britain moves towards 2012, the eyes of the world will be firmly focused on the country and what overseas visitors can experience when they are here. The 3D canvases provide an ideal snapshot of just some of the things on offer, highlighting Britain’s history and heritage, its countryside and natural beauty, culture, fashion, sports and a world-class welcome.

Sandie Dawe, Chief Executive, VisitBritain said: “Great Britain 3D is the first ever global tour of 3D art with the sole purpose of promoting a destination to an overseas audience. This is a fun, engaging and effective way of taking some of Britain’s most famous icons right into the heart of cities around the world.

“This marks an important new phase of our ‘You’re Invited’ campaign that is an open invitation to the world to come and join us before, during and after 2012. “Working in partnership with the industry, our aim over the next four years is to secure £2 billion of extra spending by overseas visitors across Britain. That will see a whole range of great deals and new products launched to encourage those considering a visit to Britain that now is the time to do so and turn their plans into actions.”

Tourism Minister John Penrose said: “The tourism industry is leading the way in growing our economy, but the best is yet to come.  VisitBritain’s ‘You’re Invited’ campaign is a brilliant way of promoting our country to overseas visitors, and I’m really pleased that the Abbey Road zebra crossing – which I recently gave ‘listed building’ status to – is one of the iconic images chosen.  The Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will put us centre stage next year, but it’s good to remind visitors of all the other amazing things that Britain has to offer.”

The works have already toured Singapore, Sydney and Shanghai and next destinations are Delhi, Utrecht, Stockholm, Milan, Los Angeles and São Paulo.

Source: www.visitbritain.org

Thailand through Google Maps with Street View

On September 1st the Tourism Authority of Thailand jointly announced with partner, Google Thailand, the launch of a new tourism promotion initiative featuring Google Maps with Street View and plans to invite Thais to nominate their favourite tourist destinations to be captured in images as Google Maps with Street View cars begin driving across the country.

Following the successful launch of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) latest campaign promoting sustainable tourism and a record first half of the year for tourism in Thailand with almost 10 million visitors, TAT is partnering with Google Thailand to introduce an innovation that will change the way Thais and tourists around the world can experience Thailand with a little help from technology and some specially designed, very cute cars.

Starting this month, a fleet of Google cars specially fitted with cameras will begin driving and taking street level photographs of public locations across the country including greater Bangkok and other major regional cities around the country. This activity represents a long term investment with the long term objective of capturing imagery across Thailand over the next 2 -3 years. These images will be made available at a later date in Street View on Google Maps.

Khun Suraphon Svetasreni, Governor, Tourism Authority of Thailand, explained, “We’re very excited to be working with Google to bring Google Maps with Street View to Thailand. The internet is a powerful platform for raising awareness and increasing travel to and around Thailand and with Google cars ready to start capturing images today, we see the long term output of Street View as a real opportunity for Thailand to showcase its tourist destinations and unique culture to the world while strengthening our economy. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has always embraced technology and through this partnership we hope to engage more people in sustainable tourism for a better tomorrow.”

In addition to announcing the tourism promotion program featuring Google Maps with Street View, with Google cars ready to hit the roads across the country, TAT and Google are pleased to announce preparations for launching a campaign in Thailand to photograph tourist sites and special locations. This campaign will give Thais the opportunity to nominate their favourite places across a variety of categories which will be captured in panoramic images, incorporated into Google Maps with Street View and shared with the world.

Google has partnered with a number of public and private sector organization to capture imagery from dozens of special locations and famed places around the world, including Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, Pompei in Italy, Legoland in California, and Versailles in France.

Sources: www.nationmultimedia.comthai.tourismthailand.org

New York is “Open for Business”

New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently announced that he has launched “New York Open for Business”, a coordinated communications and marketing effort that will demonstrate to business leaders all across the world the benefits of doing business in New York State. This campaign is a component in the efforts to redesign the way state government works in order to drive economic growth and create jobs. New York needs to communicate that it is the place where businesses want to come and stay.

“The ‘New York Open for Business’ campaign will get the message out to companies throughout the world that New York is a premier place for businesses to invest and grow,” Governor Cuomo said. “As we continue to transform Albany’s approach to economic development, we must emphasize the many advantages New York has to offer, including our central location, our wealth of resources, our unequalled network of colleges and universities, and our diverse, innovative, educated and hard-working residents. With this campaign, we will help build a stronger economy and foster greater private investment throughout New York State.”

In recent years, businesses have left the state in record numbers and job losses have devastated local communities, giving New York the image of having one of the worst business climates in the nation. The goal of the “New York Open for Business” initiative is to promote the many assets of investing in New York so the state can regain its reputation as a business-friendly location. Some recent efforts include balancing the state budget with no new taxes, a local property tax cap, important ethics reforms, and the introduction of Regional Economic Development Councils that will focus State economic development efforts on the local level where they can have the most impact.

The campaign will be led by a committee of prominent business leaders from all across the state who have a wide range of business and strategic communications expertise.

Visit Wales kicks off digital outdoor campaign

Welsh tourism body Visit Wales has launched digital out-of-home ads which feature Piers Bramhall and Emma Foley, his competition-winning girlfriend, holidaying in Wales.

In August Bramhall was doorstopped by a Welsh choir and ‘Gavin & Stacey’ star Joanna Page who invited him to take a free holiday with his girlfriend to Wales as part of an ad campaign by Wieden+Kennedy.

Foley was chosen from 300 women who entered a Facebook competition. The winning couple will visit destinations that were suggested by Welsh tweeters who replied to @wewantpiers.

Production company Bigballs filmed Bramhall and Foley’s trip around Wales. Edited highlights will run across CBS Outdoor’s sites on the London Underground and JCDecaux sites at major rail stations across the UK.

The Visit Wales Facebook page (which has 194,620 likes) and Twitter account are being regularly updated with news from Bramhall and Foley’s trip.

Hannah James, marketing manager at Visit Wales, said: “We had the brief to communicate Wales in autumn as a really vibrant place with lots happening and an exciting option for a break this season. The ability to live broadcast an action-packed trip that a real couple are experiencing is a great way to do this”.

Sources: www.visitwales.co.ukwww.campaignlive.co.uk

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