International Tourism Barometer-Brief Survey on the Image of Portugal

The International Tourism Barometer is a project developed by IPDT ‐ Institute for Tourism Planning and Development, an Affiliated Member of UNWTO, with the objective of assessing the image and performance of Portugal as a tourist destination.

The survey highlights the results of a brief research on the image of Portugal as a tourist destination.

The panel was composed by 80 international tourism specialists, from 32 countries. The results of this first edition were presented at the VII International Conference in Hospitality & Tourism.

You will find the complete survey here.

For more information please contact:
IPDT – Tourism Institute
Rua da Gandara, Edificio IDIT
4520-102 Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal
Tel: +351 256 330 272 | Fax: +351  256 378 645

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