Fresh Digital Marketing from New Zealand & Melbourne

New Digital Campaign for Melbourne

Tourism Victoria has recently launched an interesting new digital campaign for Melbourne called Play Melbourne that will run for the next three years and will cost $14m. 

It is an extension of the renowned ‘Jigsaw’ destination marketing strategy. The game of the campaign showcasing the best that the city has to offer, also offers a weekend for two in Melbourne as a prize, every week, for 52 weeks.

According to Don Richter, director of Marketing, the intent is to engage a younger audience with Melbourne.


New Travel Website focusing on operators for New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand’s travel website has been revamped to better connect travel sellers with people planning a trip to New Zealand.

General Manager Brand and International PR Catherine Bates said the revamped website is designed to create a virtual marketplace where local tourism operators can directly interact and do business with potential travellers.

“The new site takes to a whole new level by inspiring, informing and connecting visitors to New Zealand – effectively delivering a one-stop online travel showroom.”The open-content sourcing site will enable tourism operators to convert consumers interest into sales, while providing intending visitors with functionality and information that gives them confidence to purchase.”

Ms Bates said the internet had become the most important channel for people contemplating travel. “The internet has become the prime place that 80 per cent of potential travellers go to research, plan and book travel.”With many million potential travellers actively considering visiting New Zealand at any one time, the revamped website aims to convert this interest into referrals to operators, and ultimately bookings.

“The site also represents a cost-effective approach in engaging with such a large number of people in a way that moves them from being ‘active considerers’ to actual travellers. “The beauty of the web is that it’s highly measurable and will allow us to assess the effectiveness of specific marketing activities. This means we can drive the most value from every dollar invested in our sector.”


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