Survey Reveals DMO Marketing Budgets on the Rise

The meetings industry is feeling the positive effects of economic recovery. According to the recently released Convention Sales Practices Study, DMO marketing budgets have increased by 7% in the current fiscal year, more than twice the rate of the average convention center’s budget growth.

In 2012, the restrengthening of DMO marketing budgets is expected to continue with a projected 6% growth.

With the number one expenditure of these growing marketing budgets being spent on “people-based” marketing (ie: trade shows and conferences), how exactly is a DMO’s success measured for their marketing dollars and efforts spent?

How DMO, Venues & Hotel Communities Measure DMO Marketing Success

Convention center success is not as clearly defined throughout the industry, but 65% of venues indicate total event spending at the venue and convention center operational profit/loss as the top success metrics.

The Convention Sales Practices Study, produced by the Destination & Travel Foundation in partnership with Red7Media, benchmarks DMO and convention center sales and marketing practices, and provides insights on sales techniques, marketing channels and incentive/support efforts


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