Crowdsourcing & Tourism Campaigns! Using the Power of the Crowd

“Simply defined, crowdsourcing represents the act of a company or institution taking a function once performed by employees and outsourcing it to an undefined (and generally large) network of people in the form of an open call. This can take the form of peer-production (when the job is performed collaboratively), but is also often undertaken by sole individuals. The crucial prerequisite is the use of the open call format and the large network of potential laborers” Jeff Howe, originator of the term in 2006 (

Tourism Authority of Thailand Launches “The Most Amazing Show On Earth”

Every journey has a story, and the Tourism Authority of Thailand is calling upon past visitors to share their stories of Thailand in its latest campaign for a chance to win a cash prize and become the inspiration for a film.

In the recruitment phase of the campaign, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has sent out an open call for submissions. From April 8 onwards, TAT is accepting submissions of “Amazing Moments”, or unique stories from anyone who has visited Thailand in the form of photo essays. By logging on to, users can upload their photos or sync it to an album on Facebook, mark the regions/provinces to map out their journeys, add descriptions, and share the story with others via social media. These moments will then be collected and shown as part of “The Most Amazing Show On Earth”, a website where visitors can browse stories of Thailand from all over the world.

By capturing real stories from real visitors, the TAT hopes to be able to give prospective visitors a diverse and realistic portrait of tourism of the whole country through the eyes of other visitors rather than an organization.

In the second phase, TAT will develop a film inspired by the submissions. The film will be divided into short episodes to be broadcasted online, with each episode featuring different regions and provinces in Thailand and a sample of the experiences they can offer. In addition, the film will involve online participants further by allowing viewers of each episode to tag gifts related to each particular episode for a chance to win the gifts and have them delivered to a physical mailing address.

“Share Your Washington” campaign

The $300,000 “Share Your Washington” tourism campaign kicked off April 18. The mostly-online campaign asks Washington residents to invite their friends and family to visit the state, as a way to pump up a hospitality industry bracing for the imminent demise of the state Tourism Office because of budget cuts.

Web viewers can click a button to instantly send scenic online postcards to their friends and enter a drawing for prizes from sponsor Alaska Airlines.

Marsha Massey, who directs the soon-to-expire state tourism office, said there could be 20,000 new tourism jobs if each Washington resident got a friend to visit. “This is saying, ‘You can be part of the solution — You can be part of economic development for the state,’ ” she said.

Tourism officials expect people to see the campaign on Facebook or at, although there are also TV and radio broadcast versions, too. The new nonprofit Washington Tourism Alliance is working on a plan to take over the ad campaign as well as state’s tourism promotion website,, when the tourism office closes June 30.


Getting the Irish to “Talk for Ireland” has just launched a dynamic new campaign called “Talk for Ireland” aimed at getting people to talk passionately and with pride about holidaying in Ireland.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to share their favourite destinations, activities, attractions and festivals with each other on the new Facebook page as a way of encouraging people to take breaks in Ireland this year.

“To really get the ball moving we would like to encourage any tourism business already active in social media to share this campaign with their followers via their website, Facebook and Twitter accounts”.

Those willing to share their favourite places to holiday in Ireland will have the chance to win weekly prizes, as well as entry into a grand prize draw where they’ll get to experience the current Discover Ireland ‘The Fun Starts Here’ TV ad for themselves! The competition will be promoted on the Breakfast with Hector Show on 2FM and the RTE Guide as well as a range of national newspapers.

To enter the competition, participants simply have to upload a video, or a captioned image, onto Discover Ireland’s new Facebook page, which expresses exactly what it is they love about taking a break in Ireland.


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