Study Snapshot: BHA Report: Creating Jobs in Britain – A Hospitality Economy Proposition

The British Hospitality Association says that the UK hospitality industry, which currently employs over 2.4m people, has the potential to generate a further 236,000 jobs by 2015 in a report published last month.

But introducing its report Creating jobs in Britain – A Hospitality Economy Proposition at a reception at the House of Commons last month, Chief Executive Ufi Ibrahim said that global competition represented a real threat to British hospitality and tourism.

China is a country that has officially adopted tourism as one of the five pillars of its economy.  There, hospitality and tourism is an engine for job creation and the country has invested heavily in infrastructure, in hospitality skills and education.  Already, it is the second largest tourism economy in the world, second only to the United States. The United Kingdom is seventh.”

It’s time that we in Britain recognised this.  And it’s time that we took steps to ensure not only our survival in global hospitality and tourism, but – far more important – that we secure our growth.”

Click on the icon below to download the full report.


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