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The abouTourism TV is an on-line video collection aimed at destination marketing professionals and people with interest in tourism. There are videos about tourism campaigns, latest news and documentaries, as well as video interviews about the latest trends on the field. Take some time and watch 140+ videos make your comments and feel free to send us more video suggestions.

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News & Trends

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3 thoughts on “abouTourism TV: Now Playing..

  1. The Leavenworth video caught my eye. My initial thought was, “..it’s about time Leavenworth KS did something for itself…” To my surprise it was Leavenworth Washington, a place near and dear to my heart, based on years we spent living out there and touristing all around Leavenworth.

    This little town is in a great part of the world.

    But how did a town full of shoppers, families, and sidewalk siteseers EVER manage to come up with this video?

    Talk about an ABSOLUTE ZERO fit with the predominant demographic that visits an area. At least what I remember anyway.

    But….I am more interested in the thought process that led up to the agency somehow convincing the area CVB to actually pay for that video.

    Did the agency somehow convince the CVB that young visitors are what Leavenworth needs? Have all the Boomers and families gone away? Has the CVB been taken over by a bunch of urban 20 somethings?

    Once again an agency does a very poor job of recognizing the target demographic ? OR the agency thinks that because they themselves listen to bad music that their viewers want to as well? OR the CVB took a chance on a change in strategy? OR the group of decision makers decides to take a risk?

    The video is very well done. No doubt about that. Very nice production values. To me, this is/was a fairly high dollar investment for what is still a fairly small CVB (again to my way of thinking).

    But still, imo a shockingly poor fit? An admirable risk? An about face in strategy?

    This inquiring mind would love to learn more about what went on behind the scenes to get this video to happen.

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