Competitiveness survey: TRAVELSAT formulates 5 recommendations to Euromed destinations for better meeting Russian Tourists’ expectations.

Brussels, Belgium, 9/12/2010.

The TRAVELSAT pilot survey measures competitive strengths and weaknesses of Euromed destinations benchmarking international tourists’ satisfaction. TCI Research reports five key recommendations to better meet specific needs of the strategic Russian market:

1. Mind the word-of-mouth! Beyond promising advertising, competitiveness is driven first by visitors’ experience at destination. Almost 1 Russian tourist of 2 chose its destination under friends or relatives’ recommendation vs 1 of 3 in average for other markets. Travel agencies also play a greater prescription role in decision making (29% vs 10%) despite the growth of Internet usage.

2. Promote your local food: Russians advocate quality and diversity of the Euromediterranean food and remains one of the few markets not complaining about value for money in this area. However service in restaurants does not fully meet their expectations as complaint level is twice higher than for other markets…a critical challenge for destinations as food widely impacts their reputation and intention to repeat visit amongst Russian visitors.

3. Russians spent more…but demand more too! Coming generally from higher social classes, Russian tourists tend to spend more (+12% min. vs other markets), often travelling with families and in organized groups. Compared with other markets they “over consume” in cultural, gastronomic and shopping activities. They prefer middle and top class hotels which overall quality usually meets their expectations…though some lack of hospitality perceived.

4. Improve experience in public transportation, often perceived by Russian as difficult to access and too expensive.

5. Provide a visit experience based on environmental qualities which Russian tourists are very sensitive to and appreciate in particular enjoying landscape beauty, pleasant climate and cleanliness in and outside cities.Olivier Henry-Biabaud, CEO at TCI Research adds «Benchmarking visitors’ satisfaction is essential for destinations who wish to gain competitiveness towards an over-consuming but very demanding and viral Russian market.”(Note: Results based on a pilot survey achieved from June to September 2010 amongst 1500 international tourists in 35 destinations).

About TRAVELSAT Competitive Index©:

TRAVELSAT© Competitive Index is the reference global and independent survey benchmarking international tourists’ satisfaction in a standard way for all destinations, markets and traveller segments. It monitors 80 satisfaction and quality indexes for countries, regions and cities, based on representative opinions of tourists who experienced the destination. TRAVELSAT© data are collected, controlled and provided by TCI Research, an independent research agency headquartered in Brussels specializing in survey-based tourism competitive intelligence.

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Contact information: Olivier Henry-BiabaudTCI Research Ldt18 rue Mareyde – 1150 Brussels (Belgium)+32 476 70 11


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