2010 will be remembered as the year when the meetings and events industry, reflecting the global economy asa whole, shifted towards an optimistic outlook. It was a year in which our industry effectively adjusted to thenew realities of a slowly recovering economy and global imbalances, as most world markets rebounded fromchallenging times.At times, the business world in 2010 presented a confusing picture, with fluctuating and sometimescontradictory economic data emerging month by month. In the context of such an array of bewilderingmarket intelligence and market uncertainties, it is essential that meeting professionals stay focused and awareof current trends happening in the industry. This 2010 Industry Trends and Market Share Report provides aclear digest of key macroeconomic and meetings industry data, looking back at what took place during 2010and forward to what trends are widely anticipated for 2011.As this tumultuous year draws to a close, the prevailing mood of our industry and most of its clients is one ofcautious optimism, born of a conviction that the worst is behind us and that we are better prepared than everto face the challenges of the future.

Click the image below to download the full report

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