Destination Branding Workshop (PART TWO): Creating a Place Brand

Creating a place brand calls for collaborative research to design an effective strategy, a high level of community & stakeholders engagement and a strong political will to implement it. When it comes to tourism and destination branding it’s all about ”creating a sense of place and telling a story” (Tom Buncle).

In this second part of the Destination Branding Workshop we analyze in brief the real facts, challenges and solutions on the place branding strategy through a tourism perspective. Enjoy the slideshare presentation  and feel free to make your comments.

Click here for PART ONE: Defining the Concepts & 9+1 Brand-Building Principles

Next Week: Branding Strategies in Action – New Zealand: From Fuddy-Duddy Destination for Émigrés to Funky Hotspot for Adrenalin Junkies by Tom Buncle (Managing Director at Yellow Railroad/Author of ETC-UNWTO Handbook for Tourism Destination Branding)

3 thoughts on “Destination Branding Workshop (PART TWO): Creating a Place Brand

  1. If you were to write a Top 10 list of destinations that embrace and exude understanding of this topic what would that list look like?

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