Top 7 Funny Tourism Commercials

Rather than relying solely on mainstream TV ads, some DMOs are trying  new approaches to catch the audience’s attention. Let us watch 7 of the funniest Tourism Commercials ever!

7. Louisville: Where Happiness Lasting More Than Four Hours is Perfectly Normal

You know that feeling when the mood is right, but the city is wrong? Louisville can help.

6. Why Israel didnt make it to the world cup

5. Swiss Tourism | Preparations

4. Switzerland ad with sexy men – soccer world cup alternative

3. New Mexico Alien Visitors

“Crashing” in New Mexico means something entirely different for these drooling beasts. Check out the state’s unusual ad campaign!

2. Israel: Size Doesn’t Matter – Paradise

1. South Africa – Diski – South African Tourism 2010 TV Advert

South African Tourism 2010 Football TV Advert

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