Tourist Information Centers as a Vital Component for Providing Quality Visitors Services. The Cases of Athens, Cape Town & Manchester

TIC is a vital part of the visitors experience, a major component of the Tourist Information Network & it plays a crucial role in the Destination Management Process. However, a TIC should not stand alone. It should be part of a visitor information plan and able to reflect the aims & objectives of the destination’s visitors services strategy. Take a moment and go through my slideshare presentation focusing on the role of tourist information centres in  contemporary destination management (Cases of Athens, Cape Town & Manchester).

Besides, check the new Manchester & Cape Town’s Visitor Information Centre video features to get a thorough perspective on how two of the best tourist information centres operate.

The MVIC makes use of use of sophisticated technology to collect and present information – a far cry from the industry stereotype. It will be the first Visitor Information Centre in Europe to use Microsoft Surface tables – an innovative computing platform that responds to touch, natural hand gestures and real-world objects placed on a display.

The Central CTVIC was redesigned to reflect the new Cape Town’s Tourism identity in real space and become an attraction in its own right for locals and tourists.


3 thoughts on “Tourist Information Centers as a Vital Component for Providing Quality Visitors Services. The Cases of Athens, Cape Town & Manchester

  1. These two are really excellent and interactive information centers, where besides verbal information you can get first insight. In Latvia all TIC and VIC are quite equal with no interactive technologies. The best what you can get here is the map and some guidelines where to go and what to do.

  2. These are briliant examples, Yorkshire also has quite an awesome design scheme. Im currently doing a dissertation on visitor information centres and how the design, additional small retail outlets and new technologies affect the centre compared to traditional centres. The styles are quite minimal, some futuristic allowing the technologies to win visitors attention rather than usual decorative ormanets . I live in Johannesburg and its great to hear that the Cape Town VIC is up to international standard, I can’t wait to go there 🙂

    1. Hi Meera,
      I hope you get this reply! I am very interested to know more about your research. I work with Tourism Tasmania, and am currently looking at visitor information provision and changes in consumer behaviour in a rapidly changing digital environment. If you are happy to hsare informaiton, please feel free to contact me on kathy.gatenby @ . Thanks Meera.

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