Innovative or just Whizzy?

At the heart of the brand new “YourSingapore” campaign is a holistic digital approach that includes a new website, significant investment into search engine marketing, blogger engagement, mobile, social media and travel e-commerce. These platforms are devised to engage visitors pre, during and post arrival and will be aggressively promoted. Visitors are invited to plan their individual Singapore travel itinerary in a user-friendly manner and to share of experiences among travellers and residents alike. The launch of Singapore’s new brand and digital strategy has gotten the sector talking. Some call it innovative, others wonder whether it is too whizzy.

Travel technology pundits have shared their comments on the move by a tourism board to steer towards a customer-direct and largely digital approach. One of the most common themes coming through is how busy the site appears. There are a lot of images on the home page and as attractive as it looks, it can be quite overwhelming, especially someone who’s never been to Singapore.

In many ways, unleashing YourSingapore is an acknowledgement of the transfer of power from supplier to customer. Let the customer decide what they want; tell them what is on offer and make it easy for them to research, plan and book – that’s the essence of the new STB campaign.

For STB, the road to “YourSingapore” has just begun. Now they have to make sure the road leads somewhere, and not some dead end.

Click here for the full post & campaign’s videos

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