Destination Brandwatch: Southeast Asia’s “Feel the Warmth” Campaign

Forget diplomatic rows over temple ownership, migrant workers, politics and all those other trivial matters. The whole dysfunctional Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) family has teamed up for a new consumer destination marketing campaign dubbed “Southeast Asia: Feel the Warmth.”

The campaign is anchored by, which includes a map-based organizer that allows travelers to plan trips, estimate costs and book hotels, cars and flights. Though it is obviously geared towards tourists, Bangkok locals might also find the site useful as the Thailand section features hundreds of ideas for eating, day trips, tours, historic sites and events.

The ASEAN campaign has also clued into the marketing potential of allowing reader submissions, announcing on Friday that it’s offering travel writers, bloggers and photographers who submit content to a chance to win US$15,000 in prizes.

Southeast Asia Awards for writing and photography will be awarded in two categories: Editor’s Choice Awards, which will be decided by a panel of judges, and People’s Choice Awards, voted on by visitors to Southeast

There will be a total of 12 awards, four per month, until 15 June. Each winner will receive US$750. In addition, four Grand Prizes will be announced on 15 June. Visitors to the website can now submit their own text or photographs, or nominate articles and images of other people.


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