Athens Bench Mark: A creative web competition for benches throughout Athens sets out to help improve city life!

The City of Athens and the international non-governmental organization “The World of Athens” have joined forces to launch the global online contest called Athens Bench Mark in effort to makeover benches throughout Athens and improve the quality of life in the city.

The contest is part of a broader program initiated by City of Athens called “ATHENS 2010” based on initiatives that reinforce the Green, Social, Digital, participatory and creative development of Athens.

In regards with this initiative, the Mayor of Athens, Mr Nikitas Kaklamanis stated that “The bench has always been a separate item in the urban landscapes of all world cultures. It was and is a benchmark of our daily life. It is part of our collective life and cultural identity of our city. Implementing the program Athens Benchmark, the city of Athens does not change just the benches of Athens. It contributes directly to the aesthetic improvement of the public environment and creates thousands of homes creativity, inspiration and culture in the city. The social endeavor marks the transition of our city from an urban set that only serves operational needs in a modern city that uses creativity and culture to improve the quality of life for citizens and visitors. The Athens Bench Mark is a global call for creativity, artistic event, project contributes to the international promotion of our city and in the attempt for Athens to become a modern, quality tourist destination. In this effort we should all leave our mark”.

The Athens Bench Mark competition will receive online submissions between February 23rd 2010 and April 6th 2010. The public will have the chance to view and vote for their favourite submissions on daily. Designers, artists, and Greek citizens alike from around the world are invited to create or choose their own bench, participating in the event of leaving their mark in the city. In particular, those interested can submit design ideas and solutions for new benches in Athens. In a separate but parallel competition artists are invited to submit their artistic expressions for the Future Bench of tomorrow, free from any of the technical guidelines imposed in the Athens Bench Mark contest.

The public will be able to view entries and select the best proposals through online voting.

The three best proposals for the Athens Bench Mark competition will be awarded with cash prizes and at least one of them will be produced massively throughout the city.

The 50 most popular ideas of the Future Bench competition will be showcased in an exhibition at Technopolis from April 26th to May 9th, 2010. The three best will be awarded with cash prizes.

Finally, students, schools and individuals are invited to participate in Athens Bench Mark’s voluntary program in May. The City of Athens will have onsite technicians to assist in the maintenance of existing benches about the city.

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One thought on “Athens Bench Mark: A creative web competition for benches throughout Athens sets out to help improve city life!

  1. Sounds great. Maybe it could have a greater impact if you’d recruit students from the various colleges and ask them to participate to this research by interviewing tourists that are always around, on different issues that you believe would be good to know their point of view and opinion.
    If the students who will materialize the research are well briefed they could after all besides selecting information, convey a positive feeling about our country and help in generating a good atmosphere.

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