Love is in the air – again!

Love-themed campaigns seem to be back in fashion this year. Following its legendary predecessors “I♥NY”(30yrs old) and “Virginia is for Lovers”(40yrs old) campaigns, Philadelphia has launched a new, $1.4 million advertising campaign following last summer’s “With Love” campaign. In the same line, Washington DC Tourism officials launched a $200,000 initiative for the month of February that includes tapping  Dr. Ruth, the celebrity sex therapist, as the city’s honorary secretary of the “Department of Love and Relationships.” Many similar campaigns took place in the past (I LoVermont, Love it Hong Kong, Fall in Love with Luisiana just to name a few) as Alan ‘Brand’ Williamson successfully points out proving that the “Love” concept is a strong promotional tool with powerful messages which last in time. Take a look on the best ever love campaigns and take a moment to vote for your favourite one!

Virginia is For Lovers Campaign

Virginia is for Lovers wins Walk of Fame

Virginia’s Live Passionately Campaign

I Love New York Campaign

I Love New York Campaign is Back

I Love New York – 1980s

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