Mega Events for Destination Development & Marketing

2010: a year which highlights the invaluable role which Sports and Mega Events can play in destination  development & marketing

Mega events exert their influence on a whole region, entailing the cooperation of that region but yielding considerable returns. Such events include world exhibitions, international sporting events, carnivals, cultural festivals, anniversary celebrations, political events, agricultural and business shows and exhibitions. The effects of mega events are seen as numerous and often conflicting. Positive as well as negative aspects need to be taken into account, whether they are of an economic, social, political, commercial, cultural or touristic nature, and all eventualities prepared for.

Mega-sporting events can transform a city. Forgotten neighborhoods get desperately needed makeovers. Massive clean-up efforts curb smog and pollution. Transportation upgrades enhance mobility. Yet for every story of a city cleaned up, there is another of lingering debt and disrepair. Only a few large-scale events live up to their full potential. Even fewer deliver the promised long-term rewards. However, for cities and nations that focus on both the immediate and the longer term, they do more than simply host an event, they build a legacy.

As a reflection of the importance of the Travel & Tourism sector to unlock the growth potential of nations, and the role of major sporting, business and cultural events to re-inspire Tourists to travel to global destinations, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the South African Government announced that the T&T world’s first international Tourism, Sport and Mega-events Summit will be held in Sandton, South Africa from 24 to 26 February 2010.

South Africa – Diski – South African Tourism 2010 TV Advert

In 2010, a year which highlights the invaluable role which Sports and Mega Events can play in destination growth and development, the summit will provide a forum to consider the impact of mega-events – particularly sport, culture, exhibitions and entertainment – from a tourism perspective.

Recognising the proximity of events such as the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa; the 2010 World Exhibition in Shanghai, China; the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Canada, the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India, and the 2012 Olympic Games in the United Kingdom (read the Department of Culture. Media & Sport report:  “Winning: A Tourism Strategy for 2012 and Beyond”), the Summit will focus on the growing numbers and effects of events at a global and regional level, the economic, social and environmental consequences for host nations, and the massive multimedia opportunities for nation branding and export promotion. See below a collection of TV events’ features & tourism commercials.

2010: Year of China World Expo: A Great Opportunity for China’s Tourism

Official Dubai & UAE Tourism Commercial [UAE Expo 2010]

Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010

Tourism Whistler 2010 Olympics Commercial

New Zealand Rugby World Cup 2011

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    1. Hi & thanks for your good words. I’d love to post more regurarly, however, we only have 24hrs in a day. I’ll do my best to keep up on the same pace (and even more productive whenever is possible).. many thanks once again

  2. We are getting ready for our national Antigua Summer Carnival where we will host a number of events involving regional and international entertainers. Not exactly mega events (largest about 12,000 patrons), however, the principles of superb management of these events still apply.

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