Philadelphia’s ‘With Love’ campaign goes to the next phase.

Philadelphia is renewing a romance with leisure travelers that it began last year.

Last summer’s “With Love” marketing campaign used the icon XOXO to showcase 85 different “love letters” to the region on billboards, mass-transit and other venues.  Last week  the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) launched its 2010 $1.7 million tourism marketing campaign with 25 new With Love, Philadelphia XOXO™ ads, bringing the total to 115 personalized love letters addressed to travelers with all sorts of interests. Along with a winter TV commercial, the new ads will begin appearing immediately in publications such as People, Entertainment Weekly and Real Simple.

This time the campaign is focusing on 10 selling points, including culture, dining, fashion and shopping, interesting neighborhoods, “authenticity,” sports, hotels, the outdoors and “only in Philadelphia” attractions. The centerpiece of the campaign,  is a new Web site with an address, that is far more colloquial — and thus more likely to be typed into search engines — than its predecessor,

The tourism organization worked with a Web design company in Philadelphia, on the new site, which has a section ( that includes information on coming seasonal events and hotel package deals as well as features like a self-service postcard generator. Moreover, the second installment the campaign also has more of a presence in the social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

The campaign is indicative of efforts being made by major travel destinations as the cash crunch among consumers enters its third winter. Since a considerable amount of travel represents discretionary purchases that can be put off, the need to stimulate demand remains high.

5 thoughts on “Philadelphia’s ‘With Love’ campaign goes to the next phase.

  1. Love is in the Air – Again

    How does Philly’s Love campaign compare with two of the best in class:
    (1) I Love New York and
    (2) Virginia is for Lovers

    and sadly, 5 of the worst in class:
    (1) I LoVermont
    (2) Love Cyprus
    (3) Fall in Love with Louisiana
    (4) Live it Love it Hong Kong and its identical twin
    (5) Live it Love it Leeds

  2. Good point Alan. You just gave me an idea for a new post..

    It seems that Philly’s campaign is on the right track but it wouldn’t be fair to compare it with NY & Virginia yet. Even if they manage to keep it LIVE for such a long time (Virginia for Lovers campaign celebrated its 40th anniversary recently), which I doubt they will, it would be almost impossible to build such a powerful trademark & achieve this level of brand awareness in the long term.

    By the way, even the I Love NY campaign relaunch after 30yrs of continuous presence was not that successful as people in the industry thought it would be..

    Times have changed a lot since then.. and tourism marketers’ job is much harder than it used to be…

  3. I look forward to reading your post comparing various love-themed tourism marketing campaigns.

    One thing to note is that “With Love, Philadelphia XOXO” builds upon the ‘love’ equity that GPTMC’s (Philadelphia Tourism’s) marketing campaigns have built upon beginning with the region’s first advertising campaign in 1997 called “Philadelphia. The Place That Loves You Back.” Love is a time-tested and effective message that travelers respond to here in the City of Brotherly Love.

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