Storytelling for Destination Marketing goes mainstream!

More and more Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) tend to adopt 1st person storytelling marketing campaigns instead of traditional one way communication with uninspiring slogans & boring promotional texts. Peer 2 Peer Web applications seems to create viral effect much faster & more efficient than conventional media applications. Aussies show us the way with the Best Job in the World Campaign & now more and more destinations are following the trend. See examples below.

Only VegasWhat’s Your Excuse!

Bharat Nalluri Introduces The Bahamas 14 Islands Film Challenge

Stories of HawaiiThe People of Hawaii Would Like to Share their Islands with You

Thailand – Ultimate Thailand Explorers Video


3 thoughts on “Storytelling for Destination Marketing goes mainstream!

  1. Great post and great examples. Absolutely this form of marketing is very popular and effective right now. these ads are showing up on television and on the web on sites like Youtube and

  2. Storytelling has been an effective method of communication for centuries, so that now we have the media tools to re-enable storytelling, why not use ’em? Seems like a great idea to me. Let’s hope people have stories that are interesting enough to grab what little attention span people have left.

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