TrendSpotting 2010

2010 brings new challenges to the global tourism & travel industry. abouTourism went through the most popular articles & studies and collected the major trends for 2010. Please feel free to send more web links & resources referring to tourism & travel trends.

Latest Trend: Statistical Survey Report on Internet Development in China

A new report recently released by the China Internet Network Information Center reveals that online travel booking in 2009 increased 77.9 percent, a growth rate that exceeds online shopping (45.9 percent), online banking (62.3 percent) and e-mail (29 percent).

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11 thoughts on “TrendSpotting 2010

  1. If you are looking for qualitative trends, then here is one resource on conducting a Responsible Tourism Audit, which might become a trend / requirement in the future. just completed one, and the report is online, so that people can learn from it.

    check the website @ and please use the Firefox browser for the report, as this brings out the footnotes of the external auditor too!


  2. After reading through a bunch of those articles the only conclusion I could come to is this, except for blindingly obvious common sense predistions, nobody really has much clue about 2010, and many people are just borrowing their guesses from each other.

    It seems nothing is certain and it looks like the blind leading the blind.

  3. Since the world is still a bit in economic crisis I have been witnessing another trend this year. People become more selective in terms of finding absolutely best price-to-service ratio not only when picking destinations for their next holidays, but also paying attention to where they book. Obviously, the big guns of the industry still take their largest piece of pie, however I can see some positive change in attitude to smaller niche websites that very often give more to their users than just ” google perceived authority “.

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