Who Are You?

To all abouTourism visitors & subscribed members:

What’s your relationship with tourism? Are you a hotelier, travel agent, consultant, DMO executive or just a traveler?

Please take a moment to present yourself (links to personal websites & professional profiles are more than welcomed).

7 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. I’d would be nice to be just a traveller…however I’ve been working as a tourism consultant for the last 10 years. Our company (over 30 yrs.) works mainly for public administrations at their different levels. Core businesses are quality, stratey, training and marketing for the tourist sector.
    I also have a blog (in Spanish) about my experiences in this beautiful industry.
    Thanks for your iniciatives!

  2. I’m a student doing a master in tourism development right now. I’ve worked as a travel agent for one year in my home country, Romania. Also, in my free time I’m a traveller.

  3. I am an online marketing and tourism consultant currently working on contract with Cantrav Services Inc, a Vancouver-based destination management company (DMC). My immediate reason for joining the group is to learn more about online research and decision making behaviors for potential Cantrav B2B clients (meeting planners, incentive houses, site selection services, direct to business). My goal is to increase the size of our sales funnel by getting in front of decision makers in the very early stages of choosing a destination for their meeting, incentive, conference or convention function. Any feedback from members would be much appreciated.

    I have 20 years of experience in the tourism industry in DMC services, as an owner of an inbound leisure travel company and in business development consulting. My specialty is online marketing and lead generation which I have been doing since 1996.

  4. I am a Director of Sales for two independently owned historic hotels in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Have served as chair of our regional tourism council and on advisory groups to the state office of tourism for both domestic and international marketing. I travel on business and in my dreams for retirement!

  5. I have been in the travel business (or Tourism, if you prefer) for more than 30 years. I am a certified national guide, in Portugal, and a tour director working mostly with US tour operators.
    Additionally, I have been involved in product development, program setup, consultancy, tour director training, operations, etc. (see my website for complete info: http://www.luiscorreialopes.com)
    I am currently cooperating with two operators, from USA, as a a freelancer, doing all that and more.

  6. Running a consulting firm that works for the tourism industry in Poland. We deal with all that concerns the Internet: websites, promotional campaigns, social media. Our company employs 7 people and we have full hands of work 😉

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