Emotional Marketing & Destinations: “Come to Australia, Come Walkabout”

A campaign, shot beautifully by world-acclaimed Australian Director Baz Luhrman, fresh from his epic movie “Australia”. The result is a beautifully shot, movie-quality, with a emotional storyline. Part of a A$40 million campaign entitled: “Come to Australia, Come Walkabout”.

It has been considered as “one of its greatest promotional opportunities in many years” by the country’s tourism minister, Martin Ferguson.

The commercial, which could not be more different from its controversial predecessor, replaces a bikini-clad woman asking “Where the bloody hell are you?” with an Aboriginal boy urging a harassed city worker to “go walkabout”.

“The term is a uniquely Australian way of describing what holidays should be – a time of release, joy, discovery and reconnection with our loved ones and our real selves,” said Brian Boote, TA’s regional marketing & insights manager of North Asia.

TA’s global tourism marketing campaign was announced leveraging on the movie, Australia, in hope that can boost visitor numbers in the same way that Crocodile Dundee ushered in a cash bonanza in the 1980s. The campaign run from Oct 2008 until mid 2009 and is considered one of the best tourism campaigns ever. Along with the “best job in the world” Tourism Queensland viral marketing campaign, Aussies are clearly showing the way to the industry on how destination marketing & promotion should be done in our age.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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