Why are Europeans so complicated… and other things to consider when selling travel online – EyeforTravel Report

Exclusive Insight for executives looking at how and where to invest to sell more travel across Europe.

All research indicates that the travel industry is shrinking (2% globally in 2008), but if you are reading this then you’re lucky. I am assuming here that you are an online travel exec, and therefore in the only growth sector of the industry.

Despite the downturn, online travel is the only area where there is clear growth. In Europe, the world’s largest tourism market (in terms of spend), travellers in all countries and regions are heading to the online distribution channel. Over the last 7 years online travel buyers have increased their spend by 40% and Eyefortravel predicts this will continue to grow by a further 15.6% by 2012.  Read More at why-are-europeans-so-complicated-and-other-things-consider-when-selling-travel-online

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